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By Frank Greene

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The MusicSack is the biggest database of information about people involved in music

The MusicSack has information about:

1,000,000 People
300,000 Books and Articles
8,963 Bands and Groups
880 Cathedrals and Churches
11,793 concerts The Pianist in Concert
151,482 performances Theatres

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The Music Sack has details of 300,000 books and articles with information about people involved in music.
You can select one of these books or articles and the the Music Sack can list the people described within.

You can also browse many of these books and articles through bibliographies

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Search for Bands and Groups

  By Band/Group Name
  By the Year the Band/Group was Active
  By the People who played in the Band/Group

The Music Sack has information on about 9000 Groups and Bands and the people associated with them
The term "Group" is defined as any collection of two or more people who have a common name
Thus Groups in the Music Sack include:
  • Rock groups
  • Song-writing duos
  • Comedy teams
  • Operatic troups from the 19th century
  • String quartets, etc

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    Search for Cathedrals and Churches

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    The Music Sack information on 880 Cathedrals and Churches
    with details of the people who had musical roles in them

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    Search The Pianist in Concert

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      Find the Pianists who played their own Compositions

    The Music Sack has information on 11,793 concerts given by 1,956 classical pianists

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