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The MusicSack contains 15 million rows of information within its database.
Below are a series of questions that show the power of the MusicSack database.
Try and answer these questions - if you have a problem then let me know.


1. Find the date of birth and place of birth of Gustave Kadelburg.

2. Find the name of a person who played the Glass Harp (a musical instrument)

2. What did Laree Mencal Trollinger write?

3. Who was born 20 Jul 1890 in Havana, Cuba?

4. How many events does the MusicSack have for the year 1790 in Paris?


5. How many items have the word "gravesite" in their title?

6. Who is the subject of these articles?

7. How many items published in 1839 does the MusicSack have?

8. Who is described in the first item on the list?


9. Paul E. Brierly compiled a bibliography of John Philip Sousa.
    This bibliography lists 4 dissertations on Sousa. What is the date of the first dissertation?


10. How many biographical dictionaries published in 1873 are indexed in the MusicSack?

11. The first biographical dictionary (on the list of those published in 1873) describes 13 people.
      What is the date of birth (day, month, year) of the first person on the list of persons?


12. Find informations about the band The Blackwood Brothers (Year active, country)

13. Find the date of birth (day, month and year) of the first person on the list of members.

14. What band did Handsome Dick Manitoba play in?

15. How many bands and groups active in 1866 are described in the MusicSack?

16. Display the list of members of the first group on the list of groups active in 1866.
      What is the date of publication of the first book published with information about member Georg Adolf Koella?


17. Who played the organ at Bangor Cathedral, Wales in 1972?

18. Which city has a church with the name Peterskirche?

19. Who played the organ in the Peterskirche 1798-1804?

20. How many church musicians were active in 1509?

21. In which church was Blanch Curton active? When did she die (day, month, year)?


22. Find the pianist Margarete Preusser. How many different composers did she play?
      Margarete Preusser played one piece by August Stradal - what is the name of this piece?

23. Find the pianist Earle Laros. Display the program for the concert he gave in 1923.
      At this concert, he played a piece called The Bees - who was the composer?

24. Find the dates of the two concerts where the music of Antonio Bazzini was performed.

25. Which pianist gave a concert on 07 Jan 1856

26. Find the date of the first concert listed for the state of Alabama?

27. The pianist Oscar Adler gave a concert in which he played one of his own compositions. Find the title of this composition.


28. Find the names of the people who performed at the theatre Cruz y Principe in Madrid in 1843.

29. The first artist on the list (from question 28) did not start his career in Madrid. Where did he perform before Madrid?

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