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Weinberg, Max
Santelli, Robert
The big beat : conversations with rock's great drummers
Max Weinberg with Robert Santelli
Chicago: Contemporary Books, Inc., 1984

The above item has biographical information on:

  Bee, Johnny (a. 1965)   drummer
  Blaine, Hal (b. 1929 a. 1960s)   drummer, drums
  Clark, Dave (b. 1942)   drummer
  Danelli, Dino (b. 1945)   drummer
  Fontana, D.J. (b. 1933 a. 1957)   drummer, drums
  Hawkins, Roger (a. 1964)   drummer, drums
  Helm, Levon (b. 1943)   drummer, drums
  Jones, Kenny (b. 1948)   drummer
  Keltner, Jim   drummer, drums
  Kunkel, Russ (a. 1970)   drummer
  Palmer, Earl (C. Sr.) (b. 1924)   drummer
  Purdie, Bernard [Pretty] (b. 1939)   director, drummer
  Starr, Ringo (b. 1940)   drummer, drums
  Watts, Charlie (b. 1941)   drummer, percussion

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