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Percussion anthology.
A compendium of articles from the Instrumentalist on percussion instruments.
Evanston, Ill.: Instrumentalist Company, 1980

The above item has biographical information on:

  Abel, Alan Irwin (b. 1924)   president of the American Drummers Association
  Applebaum, Terry (b. 1945)   composer
  Baker, Donald R. (a. 1977-1978)   editor, percussion
  Barnett, Wallace H. (b. 1916)   music educator, flute
  Beck, John H. (b. 1933)   percussion, composer
  Beckham, James R. (a. 1974)   percussion
  Begun, Fred (a. 1960)   timpani
  Bellson, Louis Paul (b. 1924)   composer, drummer
  Berg, Sidney (b. 1918)   timpani
  Bircher, John C. (a. 1972)   conductor
  Braught, Gene A. (a. 1971)   conductor, teacher
  Britton, Mervin (a. 1970)   percussion
  Brown, Merrill (a. 1977)   professor of music
  Brown, Theodore D. (a. 1973)   percussion
  Buck, Robert (a. 1979)   percussion, teacher
  Buggert, Robert William (b. 1918)   music educator, composer
  Burns, Roy (a. 1972)   drummer
  Charles, Wayne E. (a. 1979)   writer, musician
  Collins, Jay (a. 1967)   professor of music, percussion
  Combs, F. Michael (b. 1943)   percussion, teacher
  Crowley, Patrick (a. 1978)   music director
  Culp, Paula Newell (b. 1941)   percussion, impresario
  Davis, Thomas L. (b. 1931)   composer, lyricist
  De Gastyne, Serge (b. 1930 a. 1962)   composer, music educator
  Delp, Ron (b. 1946)   composer
  Denov, Sam (b. 1923)   percussion, lecturer
  Dire, Jeffrey M. (a. 1977)   percussion, teacher
  Dutton, James (a. 1950)   marimba
  Ervin, Karen (a. 1975-1978)   percussion, composer
  Fairchild, Frederick (a. 1977)   percussion
  Feldstein, Saul (a. 1968)   professor of music, conductor
  Fink, Ron (b. 1937 a. 1975)   percussion
  Firth, Vic (b. 1930)   percussion, timpani
  Fluegel, Neal L. (a. 1963)   orchestra musician
  Frock, George Albert (b. 1938)   percussion, music educator
  Galm, John (a. 1968)   percussion
  Gilbert, Donald K. (a. 1977)   percussion, adjudicator
  Girone, Anthony (a. 1969)   professor of music, percussion
  Glassock, Lynn (a. 1975-1979)   teacher, percussion
  Goodman, Saul (b. 1906)   percussion, timpani
  Harlow, Lewis (a. 1967)   instrument dealer
  Harr, Haskell (a. 1973)   percussion
  Hart, William Sebastian (b. 1920)   conductor, timpani
  Heim, Alyn (a. 1967)   composer, music director
  Hinger, Fred Daniel (b. 1920)   orchestra musician, percussion
  Hochrainer, Richard (a. 1972)  
  Holmes, Charles (a. 1979)   band director
  Hong, Sherman (b. 1941)   music educator, percussion
  Houston, Bob (a. 1978)   percussion
  Howard, Douglas [Dana Douglas] (b. 1948)   percussion, Timpani
  Irick, Charles A. (a. 1957)  
  Johnson, Mark (a. 1976)   percussion
  Jones, Larry C. (a. 1978-1979)   teacher
  Kahle, Dennis (a. 1974)   percussion
  Knaack, Donald (Frank) (b. 1947)   composer, percussion
  Knapp, Roy C. (b. 1891 d. 1979)   president of Knapp School of Percussion, Chicago
  Kohloff, Ronald (a. 1963)   timpani
  Krause, Kenneth C. (a. 1964)   composer, percussion
  Kreutzer, Bill (a. 1972)   percussion
  Lamade, Michael B. (a. 1958)   percussion
  Larrick, Geary (a. 1972)   orchestra musician
  Larsen, Arved M. (a. 1949)  
  Lawrence, Paul (a. 1976)   music educator
  Leach, Joel T. (a. 1966)   PER~, music educator
  Lecroy, Hoyt F. (a. 1977)   percussion
  Lee, Jack (a. 1954)  
  Lefever, Maxine Lane (b. 1931)   percussion, music educator
  Levine, David (a. 1978-1979)   percussion
  Longyear, Rey Morgan (b. 1930)   musicologist
  Ludwig, William F. (b. 1879 d. 1973)   percussion instrument maker
  Maker, David (a. 1965)   teacher
  Masoner, Betty (a. 1971)   music director, writer
  Mazacano, Paul T. (a. 1970)   percussion
  McCarty, Frank (a. 1975)   composer, performer
  McCormick, Larry (a. 1967)   writer, percussion
  McKenzie, Jack (a. 1961)   conductor
  McKinney, Jim (a. 1977)   percussion
  Metzenger, Edward M. (a. 1950)   timpani
  Meyer, Ramon (a. 1967)   percussion
  Michaelson, Jerrold M. (a. 1978)  
  Moore, James L. (b. 1934)   percussion
  Mottola, Vincent B. (a. 1959)   administrator, orchestra musician
  Mouton, Jerome (a. 1969)   professor of music
  Muehler, Bill (a. 1958)   drummer
  Mullins, Joe Berry   professor of music
  Nelhybel, Vaclav (b. 1919 a. 1957)   composer
  Noak, Fred William (a. 1923)   timpani, composer
  Noonan, John P. (a. 1960)   PER~, editor
  Nutt, H.E. (a. 1953)   music educator
  Olson, Rees (a. 1968)   music educator
  Ostling, Acton (a. 1955)   drummer
  Payson, Albert (b. 1934)   percussion
  Pearl, Jesse (a. 1966)   instrumentalist, bandmaster
  Peck, Russell James (b. 1945)   composer
  Perry, Charles (a. 1963)  
  Peters, G. David (a. 1978)  
  Peters, Gordon (b. 1931 a. 1970-1978)   percussion, orchestra musician
  Peters, Mitchell (b. 1935)   drums, percussion
  Petty, Mark (a. 1978)   percussion
  Piekarczyk, James (a. 1979)  
  Pottle, Ralph Russell (b. 1899)   band director, music educator
  Powley, E. Harrison (b. 1943)   music educator, percussion
  Price, Paul (a. 1953)   professor of music
  Pullis, Joe (a. 1971)   drummer
  Reed, H. Owen (a. 1968)   composer
  Reimer, L.R. (a. 1973)  
  Rosenberg, Marvin (a. 1961)   conductor
  Ross, James J. (a. 1965)   percussion, orchestra musician
  Rossing, Thomas D. (a. 1976)   professor of physics
  Salmon, James (a. 1967)   percussion
  Sanford, Fred (a. 1975)   percussion
  Scherer, Richard P. (a. 1951)  
  Schinstine, William Joseph (b. 1922 d. 1986)   percussion, composer
  Schory, Richard (a. 1960)   percussion
  Shaffer, Frank (a. 1978)   percussion
  Shepard, Brian (a. 1979)   percussion
  Sholle, Emil (a. 1958)   orchestra musician
  Sisney, Caroly Reid (a. 1969)   marimba
  Slider, Robert (a. 1959)  
  Snider, Larry D. (a. 1976)   percussion
  Soebbing, Hugh (a. 1977)   percussion
  Sophn, Charles L. (a. 1955)   percussion
  Stanley, Donald (a. 1969)   professor of music
  Tawa, Nicholas Edward (b. 1923)   writer on music, music educator
  Thomas, Brown (a. 1974)   professor of music
  Tilles, Bob (a. 1967)   percussion
  Tobias, David A. (a. 1965)  
  Udow, Michael William (b. 1949)   composer, music educator
  Vernon, Ronald F. (a. 1976)   percussion
  Wanamaker, Jay A. (a. 1978)  
  Whaley, Garwood (a. 1976)   percussion
  White, Charles (a. 1964)   timpani, orchestra musician
  White, Lawrence (a. 1960)   orchestra musician, percussion
  Whitwell, David (b. 1937)   band director, professor of music
  Willard, Raymond (a. 1979)   teacher
  Wilson, C.B. [Cecil Barley] (b. 1938)   music educator, administrator
  Witmer, Jack (a. 1973)   choir master
  Zyskowski, Martin (a. 1979)   professor of music, percussion

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