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p. 227 In:
Floyd, Samuel A. Jr.
Black Music in the Harlem Renaissance
A collection of essays
Edited by Samuel A. Floyd, Jr.
New York: Greenwood Press, 1990, 226 p.
      (Series: Contributions in Afro-American Studies; 128)

The above item has biographical information on:

  Brown, Rae Linda (a. 1990)   professor of music
  Burgett, Paul (a. 1990)   music educator, writer on music
  De Lerma, Dominique-Rene (b. 1928)   music educator, writer
  Floyd, Samuel Alexander (b. 1937)   music educator, administrator
  Gordon, Allan M. (a. 1990)   professor of art history
  Graziano, John (b. 1938)   composer, music educator
  Green, Jeffrey P. (a. 1990)   writer on music
  Ryder, Georgia Atkins (b. 1924)   administrator, music educator
  Spearman, Rawn (b. 1924)   cast, concert singer
  Tucker, Mark (a. 1990)   professor of music

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