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White Shows with Individual Songs by Black Composers

Appendix A In:
Riis, Thomas L.
Just before jazz : black musical theater in New York, 1890-1915
London: Institution Press, 1989, 309 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Accooe, Willis (d. 1904 a. 19th century )   composer, lyricist
  Cole, Bob [Robert Allen] (b. 1863 d. 1911)   lyricist, composer
  Cook, Will Marion (b. 1869 d. 1944)   composer, director
  Gerard, Richard Husch (b. 1876 d. 1948)   composer
  Hein, Silvio (b. 1879 d. 1928)   composer, music director
  Hogan, Ernest (b. 1860 d. 1909)   cast, composer
  Johnson, J. Rosamond [John Rosamund] (b. 1873 d. 1954)   composer, singer
  Johnson, James Weldon (b. 1871 d. 1938)   composer, lyricist
  Lemonier, Tom (b. 1870 d. 1945)   songwriter
  McPherson, R.C. (a. 1906)   composer
  Smith, Chris (b. 1879 d. 1949)   songwriter
  Stewart, Grant   author, cast
  Walker, George (b. 1873 d. 1911)   cast, vaudeville entertainer
  Williams, Bert (b. 1874 d. 1922)   cast, comedian

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