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Later Writers and the "Reform"

Chapter II In:
Freeman, Robert S.
Opera without drama : currents of change in Italian opear, 1675-1725
Ann Arbor: UMI Research, 1981, 347 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Abert, Anna Amalie (b. 1906)   musicologist
  Algarotti, Francesco (b. 1712 d. 1764)   writer on opera
  Arteaga, Esteban (b. 1747 d. 1799)   aesthetician, opera historian
  Becelli, Giulio Cesare (b. 1683 d. 1750)   poet, writer
  Belloni, Antonio (a. 1929)   writer on opera
  Bettinelli, Giuseppe (a. 1733)   writer on opera
  Burney, Charles (b. 1726 d. 1814)   composer, storiografo
  Burt, Nathaniel (a. 1955)   writer on opera
  Calcaterra, Carlo (a. 1940)   writer on opera
  Calzabigi, Raniero (Simone Francesco Maria) (b. 1714 d. 1795)   letterato, librettista
  Campanini, Naborre (a. 1884)   librettist, writer on music
  Carini, Isidoro (a. 1891)   writer on opera
  Carl, Gian Rinaldo (a. 1744)   writer on opera
  Cugnoni, Giuseppe (a. 1891)   writer on opera
  De Sanctis, Francesco (a. 1870)   writer on opera
  Edesimo, Evandro (a. 1735)   writer on opera
  Fabroni, Angelo (b. 1732 d. 1803)   composer, writer
  Fehr, Max (b. 1887 d. 1963)   musicologist
  Giazotto, Remo (b. 1910)   musicologist, revisione
  Gozzi, Gasparo (b. 1713 d. 1786)   librettista, writer
  Groppo, Antonio (a. 1745)   composer, Verleger
  Haas, Robert (Maria) (b. 1886 d. 1960)   musicologist
  Klein, J.L. (a. 1868)   writer on opera
  Kretzschmar, Hermann [August Ferdinand Hermann] (b. 1848 d. 1924)   musicologist, conductor
  Laborde, Jean-Benjamin-Francois (b. 1734 d. 1794)   composer, violin
  Landau, Marcus (a. 1879)   writer on opera
  Martinelli, Vincenzo (a. 1768)   writer on music
  Mattei, Saverio (b. 1742 d. 1802 a. 1775)   professor of oriental languages, translator
  Meer, John Henry (b. 1920)   harpsichord, musicologist
  Moncallero, G.L. (a. 1953)   writer on opera
  Napoli-Signorelli, Pietro (b. 1731 d. 1815)   writer
  Pistorelli, Luigi (b. 1871)   cello, composer
  Planelli, Antonio (b. 1747 d. 1803)   writer, patrizio
  Powers, Harold Stone (b. 1928)   musicologist
  Quadrio, Francesco Saverio (b. 1695 d. 1756)   writer
  Riccoboni, Luigi (b. 1677 d. 1753)   actor, librettist
  Rolandi, Ulderico (b. 1874 d. 1951)   composer, writer on music
  Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (b. 1712 d. 1778)   philosopher, author
  Salzer, E.C. (a. 1938)   writer on opera
  Tiraboschi, Girolamo (b. 1731 d. 1794)   writer on music
  Tirinelli, Gastavo (a. 1882)   writer on opera
  Zeno, Apostolo (b. 1668 d. 1750)   libretista, librettist

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