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Music Copied and Printed in Lyons

p. 134 In:
Dobbins, Frank
Music in Renaisance Lyons
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992, 424 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Beringen, Marcellin (d. 1556 a. 1538-1559)   music printer
  Cercia, Antoine (a. 1554-1562)   printer, book seller
  Coste, Gaspard (a. 1530-1543)   singer, compositeur de musique
  Fiorino, Gasparo (a. 1571-1574)   composer, singer
  Gorlier, Simon (a. 1550-1584)   publisher, musicien
  Granjon, Robert (b. 1513 d. 1589 a. 1557)   type founder, printer
  Moderne, Jacques (b. -1500 d. 1562)   music printer
  Pesnot, Charles (a. 1555-1580)   book seller, Musikalienhandler
  Straton, Thomas (a. 1561-1564 active: 1564)   Musikverleger, printer
  Tournes, Jean (a. 1564-1587)   printer
  Vincent, Antoine (a. 1561)   publisher
  Vincent, Barthelemy (a. 1555-1580)   book seller, Musikverleger

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