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List of black musicians in American Symphony Orchestras

p. 460 In:
Handy, D. Antoinette
Black women and American orchestras
An update.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Baker, Beverly (a. 1990)   viola
  Bluford, Michelle (a. 1990)   violin
  Bodin, Ida (a. 1990)   double bass
  Clark, Charlene (a. 1988)   violin
  Corbett, Mary (a. 1990)   violin
  Cottman, Nina (a. 1988)   viola
  Danbsy-Wells, Deborah (a. 1990)   viola
  Edwards, Lee Ann (a. 1990)   flute
  Elaine, Karen (a. 1990)   viola
  Fine, Michelle Walker (a. 1990)   viola
  Gary, Carlotta (a. 1990)   cello
  Harris, Wanda (a. 1988)   keyboard
  Hobson-Pilot, Ann (a. 1988)   harp
  Howard, Diane (a. 1990)   violin
  Jennings, Patricia Prattis (a. 1988)   keyboard, piano
  Johnson, Irene (a. 1990)   violin
  Jones, Angela (a. 1990)   double bass
  Laster, Gwen (a. 1988)   violin
  Lawhorn, Cheryl (a. 1990)   violin
  Lipsey, Audrey (a. 1988)   violin
  Lowery, Karen (a. 1988)   violin
  McClasky, Amy (a. 1988)   violin
  Mellon, Esther (a. 1988)   cello
  Pickett, Jacqueline (a. 1988)   bass
  Pittman, Deborah (a. 1988)   clarinet
  Punter, Melanie (a. 1990)   bass
  Richburg, Lynn (a. 1990)   viola
  Snyder, Laura (a. 1988)   double bass
  Story, Rosalyn (a. 1990)   violin
  Walker, Karen (a. 1990)   violin

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