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Biographical notes

p. 44 In:
The Asian composers conference and festival Hong Kong
Hong Kong: 1981, 80 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Akiyama, Kuniharu (b. 1929)   composer
  Bueneventura, Antonio (b. 1905)   conductor of the Philippines Army Band
  Chien-Hua, James Chen (b. 1936)   composer
  Chou, Wen-Chung (b. 1923)   composer, teacher
  Ding Shan De (b. 1911 a. 1928)   piano, composer
  Gross, Eric (b. 1926)   composer, conductor
  Ha, Jae Eun (b. 1937)   composer
  Hattori, Koichi (b. 1933)   composer
  Ho Wai On (a. 1966)   piano, singer
  Hsu Po-Yun (a. 1969)   composer
  Hsu Tsang-Houel (b. 1929)   composer
  Jiang Ding Xian (b. 1912)   composer
  Kam Yee Yong (a. 1960)   composer
  Kim, Chong-Ja (a. 1967)   composer
  Kim, Yong Jin (a. 1986)   composer
  Lam, Doming (a. 1970)   composer
  Law, Daniel P. (b. 1946)   composer
  Lin Sheng-Shih (b. 1944)   composer
  Maceda, Jose (b. 1917)   ethnomusicologist, composer
  Mayuzumi, Toshiro (b. 1929)   composer, Komposition
  Santos, Ramon Pagayon (b. 1941)   composer, teacher
  Shi Kum-Por (b. 1932)   composer
  Sturman, John (b. 1926)   administrator
  Tatsumi, Akiko   concert violinist, Soloist: Violine
  Wen Loong-Hsing (b. 1944)   composer
  Yip-Fat, Richard Tsang (b. 1952)   composer
  Zhi, Li Huan (b. 1919)   composer

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