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They direct our bands

p. 22 In:
Spaeth, Sigmund
Music journal. 1961 annual
New York: Music Journal Inc, 1961, 184 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Anderson, K.C. (b. 1917)   band director
  Bachman, Harold Burton (b. 1892)   band director
  Barker, Robert C. (b. 1930)   band director
  Beeler, Walter Roy (b. 1908 d. 1973)   band director
  Bellis, Warren Tarleton (b. 1923)   teacher, conductor
  Bencriscutto, Frank Peter Anthony (b. 1928)   composer, conductor
  Berdahl, James Ernest (b. 1914)   band director
  Bodegraven, Paul (b. 1908)   composer, band director
  Bowles, Richard William (b. 1918)   composer, conductor
  Brendler, Charles (b. 1898 d. 1965)   composer, bandmaster
  Buettner, Willis E. (b. 1920)   band director
  Bynum, Raymond Tapley (b. 1906)   band director
  Cailliet, Lucien (b. 1891 d. 1984)   clarinet, composer
  Campbell, F. Kent (b. 1931)   band director
  Campbell, William Alexander (b. 1913)   band director
  Carrico, John L. (b. 1918)   band director
  Cavender, George R. (a. 1947-1952 active: 1952)   band director
  Celebre, John (b. 1899)   director of New York City Sanitation Band
  Christy, Leon J. (b. 1915)   band director
  Colbert, Charles L. (b. 1929)   conductor
  Colbert, John Kleckner (b. 1921)   trumpeter, band director
  Cole, Ward K. (b. 1922)   band director
  Cole, William D. (b. 1920)   band director
  Colelli, Leonard (b. 1922)   band director
  Collins, Verne E. (b. 1935)   band director
  Contino, Joseph (b. 1922)   band director
  Crist, Wilbur Edward (b. 1904)   band director
  Crowder, Peyton (b. 1927)   band director
  Curry, Hugh J. (b. 1911 d. 1986)   leader of the U.S. Army Band
  Dancz, Roger Lee (b. 1930)   composer, music educator
  Danfelt, Douglas (b. 1915)   band director
  De Vilbiss, Ray T. (b. 1919)   band director
  Degen, Bruce N. (b. 1932)   music educator, bassoon
  Di Nino, Vincent Rairden (b. 1918)   composer, band director
  Dolbeer, Robert C. (b. 1925)   band director
  Douglass, James M. (b. 1936)   band director
  Dunlop, James Woodhouse (b. 1913 d. 1975)   band director
  Dvorak, Raymond Francis (b. 1900)   band director
  Elkus, Jonathan (Britton) (b. 1931)   composer, writer
  Elsass, John Frank (b. 1913)   band director
  Evans, David (b. 1934)   band director
  Falck, Myron Rudolph (b. 1922)   band director
  Falcone, Leonard Vincent (b. 1899 d. 1985)   band director, baritone horn
  Fennell, Frederick (b. 1914)   conductor, composer
  Fleury, Robert M. (b. 1920)   band director
  Fred, Herbert William (b. 1920)   bandmaster, arranger
  Gangware, Edgar B. (b. 1921)   band director, music educator
  Garner, Gary (b. 1930 a. 1959)   band director, flute
  Gass, Henry A. (b. 1929)   band director
  Goldman, Richard Franko (b. 1910 d. 1980)   bandmaster, composer
  Graesch, George M. (b. 1923)   band director
  Graham, Otto (b. 1894)   band director
  Green, Stanley D. (b. 1928)   band director
  Hare, Robert Yates (b. 1921)   composer, music educator
  Head, Emerson Williams (b. 1935)   trumpeter, music educator
  Heinzel, Chester M. (b. 1913)   band director
  Henderson, Hubert Platt (b. 1918)   music educator, music director
  Henegar, Russ (b. 1897)   band director
  Henzie, Charles A. (b. 1913)   conductor
  Hill, Charles A. (b. 1924)   band director, composer
  Hindsley, Mark Hubert (b. 1905)   band director, composer
  Hines, Harold C. (b. 1917)   band director
  Hodges, Albert W. (b. 1914)   band director
  Hodkinson, Sydney Phillip (b. 1934)   composer, conductor
  Holvik, Karl Magnus (b. 1921)   music educator, conductor
  Hornyak, R. Robert (b. 1925)   band director
  Howard, George Sallade (b. 1903)   conductor, music director
  Hunsberger, Donald R. (b. 1932)   composer, conductor
  Jacobsen, James Alva (b. 1920)   band director
  Johnston, Herbert N. (b. 1911)   electrical engineer, trumpet
  Jones, Edwin W. (b. 1907)   band director
  Jones, Llewellyn Bruce (b. 1905)   band director
  Jorgenson, James Richard (b. 1926)   band director, professor of music
  Kerr, James L. (b. 1914)   band director
  Kersey, Robert E. (b. 1924)   band director, trumpet
  Killion, Marlin Dean (b. 1926)   band director
  King, James Robert (b. 1920 a. 1946)   band director
  Kovats, Daniel (b. 1931 a. 1977)   composer, band director
  Kraushaar, Otto J. (a. 1914)   bassoon, band director
  Krepps, Louis J. (b. 1924)   band director
  Lee, Jack Kenneth (b. 1921)   composer, conductor
  Lee, Robert Edward (b. 1928)   band director
  Leist, Robert Louis (b. 1921)   band director, arranger
  Lekvold, Alfred (b. 1900)   band director
  Long, Newell Hillis (b. 1905)   composer, music educator
  Lovett, Robert E. (b. 1919)   band director
  McCathren, Donald Eugene (b. 1924)   band director, arranger
  McGinnis, Donald E. (b. 1917)   band director, composer
  McNaughton, C. David (b. 1912)   conductor
  Melvin, Richard W. (b. 1929)   band director
  Mette, Henry Harvey (b. 1923)   band director
  Meyers, Albertus L. (b. 1890 d. 1979 a. 1916)   band director, composer
  Minelli, Charles (b. 1914)   composer, band director
  Missal, R. David (b. 1921)   band director
  Moore, Donald Irving (b. 1910)   music educator, composer
  Murphy, James R. (b. 1918)   band director
  Musser, Willard Isaac [Bill] (b. 1913)   band director, composer
  Neilson, James (b. 1902 a. 1945)   band director
  Nissly, Marybelle (b. ERR4> a. 1946)   director USAF WAF band
  Noble, Weston Henry (b. 1922)   composer, music educator
  O'Brien, Robert Felix (b. 1921)   band director, teacher
  Oakley, David L. (b. 1930)   band director
  Paynter, John Philip (b. 1928)   band director, composer
  Peifer, John Howard (b. 1912)   band director
  Piersol, Frank Arthur (b. 1911)   band director
  Poland, Max (b. 1907)   band director
  Pottle, Ralph Russell (b. 1899)   band director, music educator
  Pritchard, James D. (b. 1920)   band director
  Reinsmith, Gerald J. (b. 1904)   band director
  Revelli, William Donald (b. 1902)   band director, conductor
  Reynolds, George E. (b. 1921)   band director, composer
  Reynolds, Jimmie Howard (b. 1925)   band director
  Rhoads, William Earl (b. 1918)   composer, arranger
  Richtmayer, Lorin C. (b. 1924)   band director
  Roach, George F. (b. 1919)   band director
  Romersa, Henry John (b. 1932)   music educator, trombone
  Santelmann, William Frederick Henry (b. 1902 d. 1984)   bandmaster, leader of the Marine Band
  Sawhill, Clarence Edwin (b. 1906)   band director
  Schoepper, Albert (b. 1913)   director of United States Marine Band
  Schultz, Herbert L. (b. 1923)   conductor, music director
  Seuffert, George F. (b. 1912)   band director
  Shahan, Paul W. (b. 1923)   composer, music educator
  Shull, Paul E. (b. 1925)   band director
  Simmons, Harwood (b. 1902)   band director
  Simon, Frank (b. 1889 d. 1967)   cornet, composer
  Sisk, Ben Logan (b. 1914)   band director
  Skornicka, Joseph E. (b. 1902 d. 1972)   music educator, composer
  Slaughter, Jay Leon (b. 1924)   band director
  Slocum, Earl Anderson (b. 1902)   music educator, composer
  Snapp, Kenneth Oliver (b. 1916)   band director
  Spencer, William G. (b. 1921)   band director
  Sperry, Gale Laverne (b. 1923)   band director, composer
  Spicer, Leonard Randall (b. 1914)   band director
  Spohn, Charles L. (b. 1926)   band director
  Stewart, Raymond Wilson (b. 1923)   band director
  Stoll, Forrest D. (b. 1921)   band director
  Stone, Sayard E. (b. 1920)   band director
  Strange, Richard Eugene (b. 1928)   music director, music educator
  Suycott, Forrest D. (b. 1922)   band director, composer
  Thurmond, James Morgan (b. 1908)   band director, horn
  Trythall, Harry Gilbert (b. 1930)   composer, conductor
  Tyra, Thomas (Norman) (b. 1933)   music educator, music director
  Vance, Arden J. (b. 1914)   band director
  Vun Kannon, Raymond (b. 1931)   band director
  Watson, J. Perry (b. 1927)   administrator, music educator
  Watts, Sanford (b. 1924)   band director
  Weger, Roy J. (b. 1919)   band director
  Welke, Walter Carl (b. 1905)   band director, composer
  West, Franklin (b. 1926)   band director
  Westcott, George (b. 1911)   band director
  Whear, Paul William (b. 1925)   band director, composer
  Whitinger, Julius (b. 1916)   band director
  Wigginton, Marvin Dale (b. 1915)   band director
  Williams, Arthur Lyman (b. 1902)   band director
  Williams, Grier Moffatt (b. 1931)   music educator, conductor
  Wilson, George Clay (b. 1908)   violin, viola
  Wilson, Keith Leroy (b. 1916)   clarinet, music educator
  Wright, Alfred George James (b. 1916 a. 1938-1954)   band director, composer

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