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p. 238 In:
Jezic, Diane Peacock
Wood, Elizabeth
Women composers : the lost tradition found
Foreword by Elizabeth Wood
New York: Feminist Press at The City University of New York, 1988

The above item has biographical information on:

  Atlas, Dahlia (b. 1935)   conductor
  Bond, Victoria Ellen (b. 1945)   composer, conductor
  Brico, Antonia (b. 1902 d. 1989)   conductor, Dirigent
  Caldwell, Sarah (b. 1924)   opera impresario, conductor
  Comet, Catherine (b. 1939)   conductor
  Falletta, JoAnn (b. 1954)   conductor, music director
  Hillis, Margaret (Eleanor) (b. 1921)   conductor, music educator
  Kosloff, Doris Lang (b. 1947)   music director, coach
  Leginska, Ethel (b. 1886 d. 1970)   Dirigent, Klavier
  Petrides, Frederique Joanne (b. 1903 d. 1983)   conductor
  Queler, Eve Rabin (b. 1936)   conductor
  Somogi, Judith (b. 1937 d. 1988)   conductor, direttore d'orchestre
  Wilson, Antonia Joy (b. 1957)   conductor, teacher
  Worby, Rachael (b. 1949)   conductor, music educator

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