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Notes on musicians and other personages mentioned in these records

p. 439 In:
Lafontaine, Henry Cart de
The king's musick.
A transcript of records relating to music and musicians (1460-1700)
Edited by Henry Cart de Lafontaine
London: Novello, 1909, 522 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Bower, Richard (d. 1566 a. 1563)   teacher of singing
  Byrd, William (b. 1543 d. 1623)   composer, compositore
  Child, William (b. 1606 d. 1697)   composer, organ
  Coleman, Edward (d. 1669)   counter tenor, composer
  Cooke, Henry (b. 1615 d. 1672)   singer, choir trainer
  Corbetti, Francisco (b. 1630 a. 1652)   guitar
  Cornysh, William (d. 1523)   composer, poet
  Ferrabosco, Alfonso (d. 1660)   composer
  Giles, Nathaniel (b. 1558 d. 1634)   gentleman of the Chapel, organ
  Grabu, Louis (a. 1665-1694)   composer, Master of the musick
  Greeting, Thomas (d. 1682 a. 1662)   teacher of the flageolot, musician
  Lanier, Jerome (d. 1657 died: 1657)   wind instrument
  Lawes, William (b. 1582 d. 1645)   composer, musician
  Locke, Matthew (b. -1622 d. 1677)   composer
  Matteis, Nicola (d. 1707 a. 1685-1689)   violin, composer
  Staggins, Nicholas (d. 1705 died: 1700 a. 1695)   musician
  Testa, Andrea (a. 1668)   harpsichord maker, musician
  Turner, William (b. 1651 d. 1740)   child and page of the Chapel Royal, composer
  Tynchare, Philip (a. 1621 active: 1661)   gentleman of the Chapel Royal

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