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A checklist of musical compositions indigenous to British Columbia 1859-1950

p. 237 In:
McIntosh, Robert Dale
History of music in British Columbia 1850-1950
Victoria, BC: Sono Nis Press, 1989, 296 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Alberta, Slim (a. 1949-1950)   composer
  Allan, Alice W. (a. 1942)   composer
  Ashworth, A.L. (a. 1936)   composer
  Austin, F. Victor (a. 1891-1898)   violin, composer
  Burnett, Jennings [George Jennings] (b. 1867 d. 1941)   organ, choir master
  Bushell, Frederick S. (d. 1876)   double bass, cello
  Byrd, Jessie (a. 1917)   composer
  Cameron, Beatrix (a. 1935)   composer
  Campbell, R.N. (a. 1932)   composer
  Cordeaux, Muriel (a. 1927)   composer
  Cross, William M. (a. 1884)   composer
  Davis, Stu (b. 1921)   singer, songwriter
  Deloume, Jean Baptiste Antoni (a. 1859-1912)   composer
  Di Castri, Ciro (b. 1887 d. 1940 a. 1917-1940)   composer, conductor
  Edmonds, Paul (a. 1932)   composer
  Edwards, Eric V. (a. 1933-1936)   composer
  Farringer, Emile (a. 1896)   composer
  Giroux, Alcide (a. 1920)   composer
  Goodacre, Samuel (a. 1908)   composer
  Hesselberg, Edouard Gregory (b. 1870 d. 1935 a. 1921)   piano, composer
  Hilliam, Bentley Collingwood (b. 1890 d. 1968)   author, baritone sax
  Horne, William K. (a. 1860)   composer
  Horsfall, Basil (b. 1881 d. 1950)   composer, conductor
  Hunt, Ernest A. (a. 1935)   composer
  Hunt, Tommy (a. 1938)   composer
  King, Harold (a. 1947)   composer
  Kool, H.A. (a. 1937)   composer
  Leiser, Herbert (a. 1905)   composer
  Leonard, John F. (a. circa)   cast, composer
  Longfield, Jesse Arthur (b. 1878 d. 1939 a. 1897)   piano, organ
  Loseby, H.E. (a. 1883-1889)   bandmaster, with H.M.S. Swiftsure
  Macey, James Douglas (b. 1860 d. 1933)   hymn composer
  Maguire, Edmund (a. 1861-1863)   bandmaster, with H.M.S. Bacchante
  Max, Al (a. 1932)   composer
  Middleton, Keith John (a. 1892-1897)   tenor, composer
  Mills, John Arthur (a. 1923)   composer
  Paget-Ford, Kate (a. 1917)   composer
  Parsons, Edward (b. 1875 d. 1944 a. 1903)   organ
  Pentland, Barbara (Lally) (b. 1912)   composer
  Rhind, James W.C. (a. 1864-1868)   organ, composer
  Rowland, John (a. 1939)   composer
  Rudd, C. (a. 1949)   composer
  Shale, Frank Stanley (b. 1899 d. 1968)   piano teacher
  Stanley, Golden   composer
  Stanley, Jack (a. 1915)   composer
  Stevens-Schadeck, Margaret (a. 1947-1950)   composer
  Swift, Eveline Holland (a. 1937)   composer
  Timms, Edward J. (a. 1936)   composer
  Tripp, John David Alvin (b. 1867 d. 1945)   piano, teacher
  Vinen, Ernest Edward (b. 1865)   organ, composer
  Waterman, Constance Dorothy (b. ERR4> a. 1950)   piano, accompanist
  Watson, J.E. (a. 1916-1920)   composer
  Weaver, Fred R. (a. 1940)   composer
  Weber, C.A.   composer
  Woodrow, Ernest G. (a. 1925)   composer
  Wylie, Wilf (a. 1949)   composer

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