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Wascher, Arthur E.
Who's who in music and art in Milwaukee
Music, painting and sculpturing, applied art, dramatic and dancing
Compiled by Arthur E. Wascher for Associated Publicity Service
Milwaukee: Advocate Publishing, 1927

The above item has biographical information on:

  Aaron, Nathan   violin, teacher
  Adair, Billy   director of Billy Adair's Orchestra
  Barber, Bertha Sampson   piano
  Barthel, Adelaide Werner   piano teacher
  Benning, William J.   director, piano
  Bersch, Caroline   piano, piano teacher
  Bettray-Kelly, Florence   piano
  Bowen, Helen Kuechle   teacher of voice and piano
  Bowers, William A.   contralto
  Brahmsted, Norman   instrumentalist, teacher of cornet and sax
  Bumbalek, Anthony (a. 1927)   piano, accompanist
  Carre, John F. (b. 1894)   piano, composer
  Chapman, William Ray (b. 1934)   baritone, cast
  Clark, Kathleen   piano
  Clausing, Hilda C.   teacher of violin
  Coddington, June D.   soprano
  Davis, Wilbur R.   tenor
  De Lorenzo, R.L. (b. 1856)   teacher of violin, banjo
  De Swarte, Keith   violin, teacher
  Demand, Hazel L.   piano
  Dereszynski, Emil   director of Palace Orpheum Orchestra
  Doria, Jos.   violin
  Drobegg, William  
  Edwards, Esther   orchestra director, piano
  Eimer, Luella   piano teacher
  Engel, L.J.   piano
  Fadyen, Alexander Mac (b. 1879)   piano
  Fine, Ruth Dorothy   violin
  Foote, Sheldon   church organist, choral director
  Fredrickson, Della Graap   contralto
  Fritsche, Edwin G.   piano, piano teacher
  Gerlach, Marion Agnes   piano teacher
  Gesch, Stella   piano teacher
  Giese, Martha Ladewig   conductor
  Guenther, Lutz E.   mezzo-soprano
  Gumpert, Emmy   church organist, piano
  Guth, Adele C.   piano, piano teacher
  Haase, Carl   choir and chorus director
  Hambitzer, Minne   soprano, teacher
  Hedgi, Frank  
  Heimerl, Elizabeth (b. 1906)   composer
  Herwig, Sylvia   piano teacher
  Hess, Hans (b. 1886)   cello
  Hewitt-Kirchner, Winogene   organ
  Hinsdale, Isabelle Courtenay   piano teacher
  Hollitz, Ember E.   piano, piano teacher
  Holmes, Hugh M.   baritone
  Hoyer, Emmy Carol   piano, directress of the Downer Theatre Orchestra
  Janzer, Anne   teacher of voice
  Johannsen, Anna   supervisor of orchestras
  Kappelmann, Edwin G. (b. 1886)   piano, teacher
  Kerr, Avelyn M.   theater organ, composer
  Kipen, Maurice   violin
  Koss, Frieda   contralto, teacher of voice
  Kramp, Emily   piano, accompanist
  Krueger, Arthur J.   saxophone
  Lehmann, Esther   director of music
  Lindner, William Frederick   piano
  Lyon, Mary Frances   contralto
  Martin, Tony (b. 1912)   baritone sax, singer
  Maynard, Wilfred Dennison   theater organ
  McCarn, Nelle E.   piano, organ
  McKillop, Dorothy Susan   piano, piano teacher
  McKillop, Samuel A.   community song leader
  Mead, Catherine Pannil (b. 1868 d. 1936)   soprano, composer
  Mudroch, Hattie Nowak   piano teacher
  Mueller, Carl Frank (b. 1892)   organ, choir master
  Mulvey, Henrietta Hamme   piano, accompanist
  Muth, John H.   tenor
  Noerenberg, John E.   theater organ
  O'Neil, Harry D. (b. 1893 d. 1953)   cornet virtuoso, band director
  Oastler, Mary Young   mezzo-contralto
  Peaslee, David Henderson   piano, director
  Porth, Beatrice M.   instructor in piano
  Prengel, Vera   accompanist, ensemble player
  Rehse, William G.   orchestra director, violin
  Reynen, Helen J.   piano teacher
  Ricker, Adeline T.   piano, lecturer
  Rosanes, Albert A.   bass-baritone
  Rowe, Ottilie Funck   teacher of mandolin and piano
  Rueth, Beatrice Miaars   piano, whistler
  Schoessow, Mathilde   piano teacher
  Scholz, Reuben L.   theater organ
  Schowalter, Chas A.   violin, teacher of violin
  Shavzin, Theodore Irving   teacher of violin
  Sherman, Mary Joerdens   violin
  Siewert, Will K.   piano, orchestra director
  Smith, Fred G.   church organist, director of music
  Smrz, Alois   cello
  Spangenberg, Myrtle   soprano
  Strauss, Emily   piano teacher
  Theiss, Esther   piano, piano teacher
  Thompson, Frank A.   contralto
  Uglow, Kathryn H.   piano, piano teacher
  Uszler, Anna   organ, director
  Verges, Edna   piano teacher
  Votaw, Chas. A.   basso
  Warfield, Lorna Hooper   soprano
  Waugh, Eunice Barbara   piano teacher, violin
  Weckmueller, Ruth   piano, piano teacher
  Wetenkamp, Alpha Teich   piano, CTL~
  Wherry, Huntley H.   piano
  Wiegers, Raymond P.   teacher
  Wright, Kathleen   soprano
  Wunderlich, Gus K.   saxophone, clarinet
  Yunker, Elizabeth   piano, piano teacher
  Zeidler, Vera Frances   piano teacher

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