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Composers, arrangers, authors, and adaptors of popular stage music works

p. 245 In:
Root, Deane L.
American popular stage music 1860-1880
Ann Arbor, Michigan: UMI Research, 1981

The above item has biographical information on:

  Abbott, Charles   cast, choreographer
  Aberle (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Addison (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Ailmond (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Albery, James (a. 1878)   composer
  Aubert (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  B., A.W. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Baker, Thomas (a. 1860s-1870s)   theater conductor
  Balfe, Michael? (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Barnard, Charles (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Barnett, M. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Barras, Charles M. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Barrett, William Alexander (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Barton, George H. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Bassford, William Kipp (b. 1839 d. 1902)   piano, organ
  Becker, Julius [?] (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Beneux, L.R. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Bicknell, G. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Birdseye, George W. (a. 1860s-1870s)   songwriter, poet
  Bishop, T. Brigham (b. 1835 d. 1925 a. 1860s-1870s)   composer
  Blanchard, E.L. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Bland, James Allen (b. 1854 d. 1911)   minstrel show musician, professor
  Bordese, Luigi (b. 1815 d. 1886)   professore di canto, compositore
  Bordman, G.N. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Botefuhr (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Boucicault, Dion (b. 1820 d. 1890)   author, director
  Braham, David (b. 1834 d. 1905)   composer, incidental music
  Braham, John (b. 1774 d. 1856)   composer, lyricist
  Braham, John (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Braham, John J. (a. 1860s-1870s)   composer, music director
  Bromfield, J. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Brough, William (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Brougham, John (b. 1810 d. 1880 a. 1863)   playwright, actor
  Brown, M. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Bryant, Dan [Daniel Webster] (b. 1833 d. 1875)   minstrel show musician, manager
  Buck, Dudley (b. 1839 d. 1909)   composer, organ
  Buckstone, John Baldwin (b. 1802 d. 1879)   actor, dramatist
  Burnand, F.C. (b. 1836 a. 1867-1897)   editor, author
  Calvert, Charles (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Camberlin, William Wigglesworth (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Cellier, Alfred (b. 1844 d. 1891)   composer, organ
  Charles, Thomas W. (a. 1860s-1870s)   conductor, composer
  Childs, Nathan L. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Collins, Charlie (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Connelly, Michael (a. 1860s-1870s)   theater conductor
  Cooper, George (b. 1820 d. 1876)   composer, organ
  Cooper, George (b. 1840 d. 1927 a. 1873-1876)   songwriter
  Craig, Robert H. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Crosby, Fanny Jane (b. 1820 d. 1915)   poet, hymn writer
  Crossey, John Stewart (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Cull (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Cunnington (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Daly, Augustin (b. 1838 d. 1899 a. 1860s-1870s)   author, director
  Danks, Hart Pease (b. 1834 d. 1903)   composer, lyricist
  De Nyse, Edwin F. [?Edmund] (a. 1869)  
  Dean, Benjamin (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Debillemont (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Devernas (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Diamond, William (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Dickens, Charles (b. 1812 d. 1870 a. 1836)   writer
  Dinsmore, William (a. 1879)   composer, librettist
  Doane (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Dodworth, C.R. (a. 1842)   flute
  Dodworth, Harvey B. (b. 1822 d. 1891)   composer, cornet
  Dressler, William (b. 1826 d. 1914 a. 1850s)   composer, accompanist
  Dulcken, Ferdinand (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Dumont, Frank (b. 1848 a. 1903)   minstrel
  Dunn, Julia E. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Dupre (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Eaton, W.G. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Eichberg, Julius (b. 1824 d. 1893 a. 1856)   violin, composer
  Emmet, Joseph Kline (b. 1841 d. 1891)   songwriter, singer
  Farnie, Henry Brougham (b. 1837 d. 1889 a. 1876)   poet, librettist
  Fisk, S.R. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Foster, Joseph (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Foster, L.C. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Fox, George L. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  French, Arthur W. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Fuller, George F. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Furst, William Wallace (b. 1852 d. 1917)   composer
  Gabriel, Max (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Gale, Walter (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Gayler, Charles (a. 1879)  
  Glover, William Howard (b. 1819 d. 1875)   cast, director
  Goodwin, J. Cheever   author, librettist
  Gordon, Charles F. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Griffin, G.W.H. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Gumbert, Ferdinand (b. 1818 d. 1896)   singer, Liederkomponist
  Hansen, Emil E. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Hanson, Charles [Carl Fredrik] (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Harrigan, Ned [Edward] (Green) (b. 1844 d. 1911)   playwright, actor
  Harrison, E. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Hatton, John Liptrot (b. 1808 d. 1886)   composer
  Hazelton, W.B. (a. 1879)  
  Heighway, William (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Henshaw, Arthur (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Hewitt, John Hill (b. 1801 d. 1890)   composer, poet
  Heywood, J.G. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Hinton, T.H. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Hoffmann, Charles H. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Holder, Ebenezer (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  House, E.H. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Howson, Frank Alfred (b. 1841 d. 1926)   conductor, composer
  Hughes (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Jarvise, B.G. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Jones, Robert (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Kennick, T. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Kerker, Gustav Adolph (b. 1857 d. 1923)   author, composer
  King, Frank H. (a. 1860s-1870s)   manager
  Konigsberg, Frederick (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Koppitz, Charles (d. 1873)   publisher, conductor
  Krause (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Lawrence, Philip (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Lebrun, Don (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Lee, George Alexander (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Leslie (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Lingard, William Horace (b. 1839 d. 1927 a. 1860s-1870s)   singer, actor
  Loder, Edward (James) (b. 1813 d. 1865)   composer
  Loesch, George (a. 1860s-1870s)   composer
  Long, Thomas B. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Lothian, Napier  
  Lutz, W. Meyer (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Lyons, Joe (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  M., E.D. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  MacEvoy, Fred (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  MacEvoy, John (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Mack, John A. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Maeder, Frank (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Maeder, James Gaspard (b. 1809 d. 1876 a. 1833)   piano, composer
  Maretzek, Max (b. 1821 d. 1897)   composer, conductor
  Marsden, Frederick (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Matthison, Arthur (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  McChesney (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  McNally, John J.   librettist
  McQuown, W.R. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Meininger, J.C. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Mellon, Alfred (b. 1820 d. 1867)   violin, conductor
  Meredith, J.G. (a. 1896)  
  Meyer, Barthold (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Millard, Harrison (b. 1830 d. 1895)   tenor, composer
  Miller, Harry (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Mollenhauer, Eduard (b. 1817 d. 1885)   conductor
  Molloy, J.T. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Moore, E.B. (a. 1860s-1870s active: 1869)   composer
  Morse, Woolson (b. 1858 d. 1897 a. 1860s-1870s)   composer
  Mortimer, James (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Murdoch, Frank (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Musgrave, Frank (d. 1888 a. 1884)   composer, conductor
  Navoni, J.M. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Noll, Joseph (a. 1850)   violin
  Offenbach, Jacques (b. 1819)   author, composer
  Olker, Ferdinand (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Operti, Giuseppe (d. 1886 a. 1870)   composer, piano
  Pacardo (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Perkins, Fred (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Persley, George W. (a. 1880)   composer
  Platner, Edgar E. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Price, J.W. Parson (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Puerner, Charles (b. 1849 d. 1905 a. 1887)   composer, conductor
  Quencher, Mark (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Reese, Theodor Rudolf (a. 1871 active: 1901)   composer
  Reiff, Anthony Anton (d. 1916 a. 1857)   violin, conductor
  Rewey, E.M. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Rheinberger, Joseph (Gabriel) (b. 1839 d. 1901)   composer, organ
  Rice, Edward Everett (b. 1848 d. 1924)   composer, director
  Righton, E.L. (a. 1869 active: 1903)  
  Robertson, T.W. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Robjohn, William James (b. 1843 d. 1920)   composer, musician
  Root, George Frederick (b. 1820 d. 1895)   composer, music educator
  Rosenfeld, Sydney (b. 1855)   composer, dramatist
  Salsbury, Nate (a. 1860s-1870s active: 1877)  
  Sangalli, Rita (b. 1850 d. 1909)   dancer, danseuse
  Saroni, Hermann S. (b. 1823 a. 1852)   writer, composer
  Schoeller, Henri (a. 1879)   composer
  Schwab, F.A. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Sedgwick, Alfred B.   dramatist, composer
  Shakespeare, William (b. 1564 d. 1616)   author, lyricist
  Signaigo, J. Augustine [Capt. Hughes] (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Skelly, Joseph Paul (b. 1850 d. 1895)   composer
  Smith, Dexter (b. 1839 d. 1909)   editor, songwriter
  Smith, J.F.O. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Smith, S. Theyre (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Smith, W.D. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Sousa, John Philip (b. 1854 d. 1932)   additional Music, cast
  Spencer, Edward (a. 1879)   composer
  Stamford, J. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Stewart, Fanny (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Stewart, J.C. [John Stewart Crossey] (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Stigler, Emil (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Stopel, Robert August (b. 1821 d. 1887 a. 1860s-1870s)   composer, theater conductor
  Stoutenburgh, W.H. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Stratton, George W. (b. 1830 d. 1901 a. 1867)   composer, publisher
  Stratton, L. (a. 1870-1896)  
  Strebinger, F. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Thomas, John Rogers (b. 1830 d. 1896 a. 1849)   baritone, composer
  Thompson, Denman (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Tissington, Henry (d. 1886 a. 1860s-1870s)   conductor
  Tucker, Henry L. (d. 1882)   composer
  Turner, J.W. (a. 1860s-1870s)   musician
  Vale, Mark (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Van Kuren (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Victorine (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Vokes, Fawdon (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Vokes, Fred (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Vokes, Jessie (b. 1851 d. 1884 a. 1860s-1870s)   singer, entertainer
  Vokes, Rosina (b. 1854 d. 1894 a. 1860s-1870s)   singer, entertainer
  Vokes, Victoria (b. 1853 d. 1894 a. 1860s-1870s)   singer, entertainer
  Walker, Alf (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Ward, Artemus (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Ward, M.A. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Watson, Henry Cood (a. 1860s-1870s)   composer, music critic
  Watts, William R. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Webster (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Webster, Benjamin Nottingham (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Wellman, W.F. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Westendorf, Thomas Paine (b. 1848 d. 1923)   composer
  White, Charles T. (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Williams, Barney   keyboard
  Wiske, Mortimer (b. 1853 d. 1934)   organ, conductor
  Withers, William (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Wood, John (a. 1860s-1870s)  
  Woolf, Benjamin Edward (b. 1836 d. 1901 a. 1840)   composer, critic
  Wyeth, Julian (a. 1860s-1870s)  

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