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Matheopoulos, Helena
Maestro encounters with conductors of today
London: Hutchinson, 1982

The above item has biographical information on:

  Abbado, Claudio (b. 1933)   cembalo, conductor
  Ashkenazy, Vladimir Davidovich (b. 1937)   conductor, piano
  Bernstein, Leonard (b. 1918 d. 1990)   composer, conductor
  Bohm, Karl (b. 1894 d. 1981)   conductor
  Boulez, Pierre (b. 1925)   composer, conductor
  Boult, Adrian (Cedric) (b. 1889 d. 1983)   conductor
  Chailly, Riccardo (b. 1953)   conductor, Dirigent
  Davis, Colin (Rex) (b. 1927)   conductor
  Giulini, Carlo Maria (b. 1914)   conductor, direttore d'orchestra
  Haitink, Bernard (Johan Herman) (b. 1929)   conductor, Dirigent
  Karajan, Herbert (b. 1908 d. 1989)   cembalo, conductor
  Kleiber, Carlos (b. 1930)   conductor, Dirigent
  Levine, James (Lawrence) (b. 1943)   conductor, Dirigent
  Maazel, Lorin (Varencove) (b. 1930)   conductor, direttore d'orchestre
  Mackerras, Charles [Alan Charles McLaurin] (b. 1925)   conductor, direttore d'orchestre
  Mehta, Zubin (b. 1936)   conductor, direttore d'orchestre
  Muti, Riccardo (b. 1941)   conductor, direttore d'orchestre
  Ozawa, Seiji (b. 1935)   conductor, direttore d'orchestre
  Previn, Andre (George) (b. 1929)   composer, conductor
  Rattle, Simon (Denis) (b. 1955)   conductor
  Rostropovich, Mstislav (Leopoldovich) (b. 1927)   cello, conductor
  Solti, Georg [Gyorgy] (b. 1912)   conductor, Dirigent
  Tennstedt, Klaus (b. 1926)   conductor, direttore d'orchestre

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