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Stone, Rolling
The rolling stone : talking with the legends of rock & roll: 1967-1980 interviews
New York: St. Martin's Press/Rolling Stone Press, 1981

The above item has biographical information on:

  Berry, Chuck (b. 1926)   composer, lyricist
  Cash, Johnny (b. 1932)   guitar, country music singer
  Charles, Ray (b. 1930)   direttore d'orchestre, piano
  Clapton, Eric (b. 1945)   composer, guitar
  Donovan (b. 1946)   singer, songwriter
  Dylan, Bob (b. 1941)   composer, folksinger
  Garcia, Jerry (b. 1942)   singer, songwriter
  Jagger, Mick (b. 1943)   composer, lyricist
  Joel, Billy [William Martin] (b. 1949)   singer, songwriter
  John, Elton (b. 1947)   composer, lyricist
  Kanter, Paul (b. 1943)   pop musician
  King, B.B. (b. 1925)   blues singer, guitar
  Lennon, John (Winston Ono) (b. 1940 d. 1980)   author, composer
  Little Richard (b. 1935)   composer, lyricist
  McCartney, Paul [James Paul] (b. 1942)   author, composer
  Mitchell, Joni (b. 1943)   composer, lyricist
  Moon, Keith (b. 1947 d. 1978)   additional Lyrics, additional Music
  Morrison, Van [George Ivan] (b. 1945)   singer, songwriter
  Page, Jimmy [James Patrick] (b. 1944)   guitar, rock guitar
  Plant, Robert Anthony (b. 1948)   singer, songwriter
  Richards, Keith (b. 1943)   composer, guitar
  Ronstadt, Linda [Maria Linda] (b. 1946)   cast, singer
  Simon, Carly (b. 1945)   singer
  Simon, Paul (b. 1942)   composer, lyricist
  Slick, Grace (b. 1943)   composer, lyricist
  Spector, Phil [Harvey Philip] (b. 1940 a. 1958-1959)   arranger, composer
  Stewart, Rod [Roderick David] (b. 1945)   singer, vocals
  Taylor, James (Vernon) (b. 1948)   composer, lyricist
  Townshend, Pete (b. 1945)   author, composer
  Wonder, Stevie (b. 1950)   composer, harmonica
  Young, Neil (Percival) (b. 1945)   singer, vocals

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