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Gagne, Cole
Soundpieces : interviews with American composers
Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1982

The above item has biographical information on:

  Ashley, Robert Reynolds (b. 1930)   composer, performer of electronic music
  Babbitt, Milton (Byron) (b. 1916)   composer
  Brant, Henry Dreyfus (b. 1913)   composer
  Cage, John (b. 1912 d. 1992)   composer, direttore d'orchestra
  Carter, Elliott (Cook) (b. 1908)   composer, Komposition
  Copland, Aaron (b. 1900)   composer, Dirigent
  Crumb, George (Henry) (b. 1929)   composer, music educator
  Davidovsky, Mario (b. 1934)   composer
  Dodge, Charles (Malcolm) (b. 1945)   composer
  Druckman, Jacob Raphael (b. 1928)   composer
  Feldman, Morton (b. 1926 d. 1987)   composer, Komposition
  Finney, Ross Lee (b. 1906)   composer
  Foss, Lukas (b. 1922 a. 1937)   composer, conductor
  Glass, Philip (b. 1937)   composer, electric organ
  Hiller, Lejaren Arthur (b. 1924)   composer
  Johnston, Benjamin Burwell (b. 1926)   composer
  Kolb, Barbara Anne (b. 1939)   composer
  Nancarrow, Conlon (b. 1912)   composer, piano
  Reich, Steve (Michael) (b. 1936)   composer, musicisti
  Reynolds, Roger (Lee) (b. 1934)   composer
  Rochberg, George (b. 1918)   composer, Komposition
  Sessions, Roger (Huntington) (b. 1896 d. 1985)   composer, piano
  Shapey, Ralph (b. 1921)   composer, Komposition
  Wuorinen, Charles (b. 1938)   composer, conductor

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