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Talbot, Hugo
Musical Halifax.
Halifax, Nova Scotia: McAlpine Pub. Co. Ltd., 1903-1904

The above item has biographical information on:

  Clarke, Esther (b. CAD2>)   piano, piano teacher
  Clarke, Fred (a. 19th century )   teacher, piano
  Compton, William F. (b. CAD2>)   organ, organ teacher
  Cooper, W.F. (b. CAD2>)   bandmaster, violin
  Davis, Mabel (b. CAD2>)   singer, teacher of singing
  Dorg, H. (b. CAD2>)   organ, organ teacher
  Farquhar, Lilian (b. CAD2>)   violin, violin teacher
  Foote, Barrington (b. CAD2>)   singer, teacher of singing
  Gordon, Percy Douglas (a. 1901-1906)   organ
  Hagarty, H.B. (b. CAD2>)   conductor, singer
  Harrington, Agnes (b. CAD2>)   violin, violin teacher
  Hopewell, James J. (b. CAD2>)   bandmaster
  Hubley, Ira D. (b. CAD2>)   organ, organ teacher
  Levy, Heniot (b. 1879 d. 1946)   piano, composer
  Lewis, Florence (b. CAD2>)   singer, teacher of singing
  Logan, J.H. (a. 19th century )   choir conductor, piano
  Mackintosh, Kate (b. CAD2>)   choir conductor, organ
  Murphy, Edson Wilfred   violin, violin teacher
  Page, Elizabeth (b. CAD2>)   piano, piano teacher
  Porter, Charles Henry (b. 1856 d. 1929)   organ, choir master
  Ryan, Ada (b. CAD2>)   choir conductor, organ
  Shute, W.R. (a. 20th century )   organ builder
  Talbot, Hugo (a. 19th century )   cello, teacher
  Tilsley, Helen (b. CAD2>)   teacher
  Tremaine, Gladys (a. 19th century )   violin, violin teacher
  Tupper, Louise (b. CAD2>)   accompanist
  Wallace, Sarah (a. 19th century )   piano, piano teacher
  Well, Max (b. 1869 d. 1952 a. 1892-1914)   conductor, composer
  Whidden, Beatrice Bancroft (b. CAD2>)   violin, violin teacher
  White, Elizabeth (a. 19th century )   cello, teacher
  White, Margaret (a. 19th century )   piano, piano teacher
  Wikel, Charles B. (b. CAD2>)   choir conductor, organ

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