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Lahee, Henry C.
The Grand Opera Singers of Today
An Account of the Leading Operatic Stars Who have Sung During Recent Years, Together with a Sketch of the Chief Operatic Enterprises. New revised edition
Boston: The Page Company Publishers, 1922 [1st edition 1912]. x, 543 p.
       48 illus., index.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Amato, Pasquale (b. 1878 d. 1942)   baritone, interprete
  Burian, Karel (b. 1870 d. 1924)   tenor
  Caruso, Enrico (b. 1873)   cantante de opera, musicisti
  Dalmores, Charles (b. 1871)   tenor, singer
  Destinn, Emmy (b. 1878 d. 1930)   dramatic soprano, Sanger
  Farrar, Geraldine (b. 1882)   soprano, singer
  Fremstad, Olive (b. 1871 d. 1951)   mezzo-soprano, singer
  Garden, Mary (b. 1874 d. 1967)   soprano, vocals
  Gerville-Reache, Jeanne (b. 1882 d. 1915)  
  Lipkowska, Lydia (Yakovlevna) (b. 1882 d. 1955)   soprano, vocals
  Melba, Nellie (b. 1861)   Sanger, soprano
  Sembrich, Marcella (b. 1858 d. 1935)   Sanger, soprano
  Tetrazzini, Luisa [Luigia] (b. 1871 d. 1940)   cantante de opera, soprano
  Zenatello, Giovanni (b. 1876 d. 1949)   interprete, tenor

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