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Griffiths, Paul
New sounds, new personalities : British composers of the 1980s
London: Faber & Faber Ltd., 1985

The above item has biographical information on:

  Bainbridge, Simon Jeremy (b. 1952)   composer, conductor
  Benjamin, George (b. 1960)   composer, piano
  Birtwistle, Harrison (b. 1934)   composer, Komponist
  Bryars, Gavin [Richard Gavin] (b. 1943)   composer
  Casken, John (Arthur) (b. 1949)   composer, conductor
  Davies, Peter Maxwell (b. 1934)   composer, conductor
  Ferneyhough, Brian (b. 1943)   composer, direttore d'orchestre
  Goehr, Alexander (b. 1932)   composer, Komposition
  Harvey, Jonathan (David) (b. 1939)   composer
  Holloway, Robin (Greville) (b. 1943)   composer, librettist
  Knussen, Oliver [Stuart Oliver] (b. 1952 a. 1970)   composer, conductor
  Mathews, Colin (b. 1946)   composer
  Mathews, David (b. 1943)   composer
  Maw, Nicholas [John Nicholas] (b. 1935)   composer
  Muldowney, Dominic (b. 1952)   composer, conductor
  Oliver, Stephen (b. 1950 d. 1992)   composer, lyricist
  Osborne, Nigel (b. 1948)   composer
  Saxton, Robert (b. 1953)   composer
  Souster, Tim [Timothy Andrew James] (b. 1943)   composer, professor
  Tavener, John (Kenneth) (b. 1944)   composer

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