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Wenner, Jann S.
20 years of Rolling Stone : what a long, strange trip it's been
Edited by Jann S. Wenner
New York: Friendly Press, 1987, 455 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Belushi, John (b. 1949 d. 1982)   cast, comedian
  Dylan, Bob (b. 1941)   composer, folksinger
  Jackson, Michael (b. 1958)   singer, songwriter
  Jagger, Mick (b. 1943)   composer, lyricist
  Lennon, John (Winston Ono) (b. 1940 d. 1980)   author, composer
  Moon, Keith (b. 1947 d. 1978)   additional Lyrics, additional Music
  Springsteen, Bruce (b. 1949)   singer
  Sting (b. 1951)   bass guitar, cast
  Stone, Sly (b. 1944)   composer, lyricist
  Townshend, Pete (b. 1945)   author, composer
  Wonder, Stevie (b. 1950)   composer, harmonica

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