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Labelle, Nicole
Les differents styles de la musique religieuse en France
Le psaume de 1539 a 1572
Transcriptions des psaumes a par Nicole Labelle
Tome II
Henryville: Institute of Mediaeval Music, Ltd., 1981, 172 p.
      (Series: Musicological Studies; Vol. XXXIII/2)

The above item has biographical information on:

  Bourgeois, Loys (b. -1515 d. 1560)   composer, theorist
  Caulery, Jean (a. 1556)   composer
  Crassot, Richard (b. 1530 a. 1569)   composer
  Jambe de Fer, Philibert (b. 1515 d. 1566)   composer, writer on music
  Janequin, Clement (b. 1485 d. 1558 a. 1830-1831)   composer
  Louys, Jean (b. 1530 d. 1563)   composer
  Sureau, Hughes (b. 1510 d. 1575)   composer
  Waelrant, Hubert (b. 1517 d. 1595)   composer, Musikverleger

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