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Ewen, David
Popular American composers : From revolutionary times to the present: first supplement.
A biographical and critical guide
Compiled and edited by David Ewen
New York: H. W. Wilson, 1962, 217 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Adler, Richard (b. 1921)   composer, lyricist
  Alter, Louis (b. 1902 d. 1980)   composer
  Anderson, Leroy (b. 1908 d. 1975)   composer, conductor
  Anka, Paul (b. 1941)   composer, lyricist
  Arlen, Harold (b. 1905 d. 1986)   cast, composer
  Bacharach, Burt F. (b. 1928)   composer
  Berlin, Irving (b. 1888 d. 1989)   cast, composer
  Bernstein, Elmer (b. 1922)   composer, incidental music
  Bernstein, Leonard (b. 1918 d. 1990)   composer, conductor
  Bock, Jerry (Lewis) (b. 1928)   composer, librettist
  Brown, Nacio Herb (b. 1896 d. 1964)   composer, lyricist
  Bryant, Boudleaux (b. 1920 d. 1987)   composer, country music song writer
  Carmichael, Hoagy [Hoagland Howard] (b. 1899 d. 1981)   composer, cornet
  Cash, Johnny (b. 1932)   guitar, country music singer
  Cohan, George M. [George Michael] (b. 1878 d. 1942)   author, cast
  Coleman, Cy (b. 1929)   composer, dance arranger
  Darin, Bobby (b. 1936 d. 1973)   arranger, singer
  De Rose, Peter (b. 1900 d. 1953)   composer
  Domino, Fats (b. 1928)   composer, lyricist
  Drake, Ervin Maurice (b. 1919)   composer, librettist
  Duke, Vernon (b. 1903 d. 1969)   composer, lyricist
  Dylan, Bob (b. 1941)   composer, folksinger
  Ellington (b. 1899 d. 1974)   composer, direttore d'orchestra
  Fain, Sammy (b. 1902 d. 1989)   author, cast
  Forrest, George (b. 1915)   author, composer
  Friml, Rudolf [Charles Rudolph] (b. 1879 d. 1972)   composer, librettist
  Gentry, Bobbie (b. 1944)   singer, vocals
  Gershwin, George (b. 1898)   author, cast
  Gold, Ernest (b. 1921)   arranger, composer
  Gould, Morton (b. 1913)   composer, conductor
  Green, Johnny [John William] (b. 1908 d. 1989)   composer, music director
  Hague, Albert (b. 1920)   composer, dance arranger
  Handy, W.C. [William Christopher] (b. 1873 d. 1958)   additional Music, cast
  Henderson, Ray (b. 1896 d. 1970)   cast, composer
  Herman, Jerry [Gerald] (b. 1933)   composer, director
  Kander, John (Harold) (b. 1927)   composer, dance arranger
  Kern, Jerome (David) (b. 1885 d. 1945)   cast, composer
  Lane, Burton (b. 1912)   composer, lyricist
  Leigh, Mitch (b. 1928)   composer, producer
  Livingston, Jay Harold (b. 1915)   composer, lyricist
  Livingston, Jerry (b. 1909 d. 1987)   composer, lyricist
  Loesser, Frank (Henry) (b. 1910 d. 1969)   songwriter, playwright
  Loewe, Frederick (b. 1901 d. 1988)   composer, lyricist
  Loudermilk, John D. (b. 1934)   guitar, writer
  Mancini, Henry (b. 1924)   arranger, composer
  Martin, Hugh (b. 1914)   arranger, cast
  McHugh, Jimmy [James Francis] (b. 1894 d. 1969)   cast, composer
  McKuen, Rod (b. 1933)   author, cast
  Merrill, Robert (b. 1921)   baritone, bass
  Miller, Roger (b. 1936 d. 1992)   singer, instrumentalist
  Muir, Lewis F. (b. 1883 d. 1915)   composer, lyricist
  Newman, Alfred (b. 1901 d. 1970)   composer, conductor
  Orbison, Roy (Kelton) (b. 1936 d. 1988)   composer, guitar
  Pockriss, Lee J. (b. 1927)   composer
  Porter, Cole (Albert) (b. 1891 d. 1964)   cast, composer
  Previn, Andre (George) (b. 1929)   composer, conductor
  Robbins, Marty (b. 1925 d. 1982)   country music singer, vocals
  Rodgers, Richard (Charles) (b. 1902 d. 1979)   cast, composer
  Rome, Harold (Jacob) (b. 1908 d. 1993)   composer, incidental music
  Schmidt, Harvey (Lester) (b. 1929)   composer
  Schwartz, Arthur (b. 1900 d. 1984)   cast, composer
  Simon, Paul (b. 1942)   composer, lyricist
  Snyder, Ted (b. 1881 d. 1965)   cast, composer
  Sondheim, Stephen (Joshua) (b. 1930)   composer, incidental music
  Strouse, Charles (Louis) (b. 1928)   composer, librettist
  Styne, Jule (b. 1905)   composer, director
  Tiomkin, Dimitri (b. 1894 d. 1979)   composer, Klavier
  Van Heusen, Jimmy (b. 1913 d. 1990)   composer, lyricist
  Warren, Harry (b. 1893 d. 1981)   songwriter
  Webb, Jimmy [James Layne] (b. 1946)   arranger, composer
  Weill, Kurt (Julian) (b. 1900 d. 1950)   author, composer
  Williams, Hank (b. 1923 d. 1953)   country music singer, guitar
  Willson, Meredith (b. 1902 d. 1984)   author, composer
  Woods, Harry MacGregor (b. 1896 d. 1970)   composer
  Wright, Robert Craig (b. 1914)   author, cast
  Youmans, Vincent (Millie) (b. 1898 d. 1946)   composer, musicisti

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