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Taruskin, Richard
Opera and drama in Russia. As preached and practiced in the 1860s
By Richard Taruskin
Ann Arbor, Michigan: UMI Research, 1981, 560 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Cui, Cesar (b. 1835 d. 1918)   composer, critic
  Dargomizhsky, Alexander Sergeyevich (b. 1813 d. 1869)   composer, compositore
  Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich (b. 1804 d. 1857)   composer, compositore
  Ostrovsky, Alexander Nikolayevich (b. 1823 d. 1886)   dramatist
  Serov, Alexander Nikolayevich (b. 1820 d. 1871)   composer, vocals

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