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Harry, Bill
The Beatles who's who
New York: Putnam Publishing Group, 1982, 192 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Adams, Bob (a. 1960-1981)   road manager
  Aldo, Steve (a. 1964)   singer
  Aldridge, Alan (a. 1960s)   designer, illustrator
  Ali, Muhammed (a. 1960s)   boxer, drums
  Andrews, Nancy (a. 1970s)   actress, model
  Appleby, Ron (a. 1960s)   compere
  Arias, Olivia Trinidad (b. 1948 a. 1974)   friend of George Harrison
  Aronowitz, Al (a. 1960s)   journalist
  Asher, Jane (b. 1946)   actress
  Aspinall, Neil (b. 1942)   road manager for the Beatles, managing director of
  Aulin, Ewa (a. 1969)   actress
  Bach, Barbara (b. 1951)   model
  Bain, Bob (a. 1960s)   comedian, guitar
  Ballard, Arthur (a. 1960s)   teacher at Liverpool Art College
  Barber, Adrian (a. 1961)   lead guitar
  Barrow, Tony (a. 1960s)   journalist
  Bernstein, Sid (a. 1964)   promoter who brought the Beatles to Carnegie Hall
  Best, Mona (a. 1960s)   mother of Pete Best
  Best, Pete (a. 1964)   singer
  Black, Cilla (b. 1943)   singer
  Blake, John (a. 1970s)   rock music journalist
  Blake, Peter (a. 1960s)   album cover designer
  Bolan, Marc (b. 1947 d. 1977)   songwriter, rock guitar
  Bostock, Harry (a. 1956)   ballroom manager
  Bowie, David (b. 1948)   composer, lyricist
  Boyd, Jenny (a. 1960s)   model
  Boyle, Bernard (a. 1961)   founder of the Beatles Fan Club
  Brambell, Wilfred   actor, cast
  Bramwell, Tony (a. 1960s)   stage manager, record plugger
  Bratby, John (a. 1950s-1960s)   painter
  Brown, Bobbie (a. 1960s)   formed the first official Beatles Fan Club
  Brown, Ken (a. 1960s)   rhythm guitar, potential member of the Beatles
  Brown, Peter (a. 1960s)   executive at Apple Records
  Bryce, Leslie (a. 1960s)   photographer
  Bryne, Gay (a. 1960s)   TV program host
  Burke, John (a. 1960s)   author of the novel 'A Hard Day's Night'
  Caldwell, Iris (a. 1960s)   sister of Rory Storm
  Carr, Roy (a. 1970s)   journalist, musician
  Casey, Howie (a. 1962-1965)   saxophone
  Charles, Tommy (a. 1966)   radio station manager
  Clapton, Eric (b. 1945)   composer, guitar
  Cleave, Maureen (a. 1960s)   writer for London's Evening Standard
  Cocker, Joe [John Robert] (b. 1944)   singer, vocals
  Coleman, Ray (a. 1960s-1980s)   journalist
  Coleman, Sid (a. 1960s)   recording engineer
  Connolly, Ray (a. 1970s)   journalist
  Cox, Maureen (a. 1960s)   wife of Ringo Starr
  Cruikshank, Robin (a. 1960s)   designer
  Curtis, Lee (a. 1963-1964)   singer
  Davey, Joe (a. 1960s)   cafe owner, owner of the Cavern
  Davies, Hunter (a. 1960s)   journalist, novelist
  Davis, Pat (a. 1960s)   girlfriend of Ringo Starr
  Davis, Rod (a. 1950s)   schoolboy friend of John Lennon
  De Paul, Lynsey (b. 1950)   singer, songwriter
  Delaney, Paddy (a. 1960s)   bouncer/doorman at the Cavern
  Di Lello, Richard (b. 1945)   press officer
  Dixon, Jeanne (a. 1960s)   psychic
  Dooley, Arthur (a. 1960s)   sculptor
  Doran, Terry (a. 1960s)   head of Apple Music
  Dunbar, John (a. 1960s)   husband of Marianne Faithful
  Dylan, Bob (b. 1941)   composer, folksinger
  Eastman, Lee (a. 1969)   financial advisor
  Eckhorn, Peter (a. 1960s)   strip club owner
  Eggermont, Jaap (a. 1975)   record producer
  Ellis, Geoffrey (a. 1960s)   friend of Brian Epstein
  Ellis, Royston (a. 1960s)   beat poet
  Epstein, Brian (Samuel) (b. 1934 d. 1967)   manager of the Beatles
  Epstein, Clive (a. 1960s)   brother of Brian Epstein
  Evans, Mal (a. 1960s)   bouncer/doorman at the Cavern
  Evans, Mike (b. 1941 a. 1960s)   musician
  Farrow, Mia   actress, cast
  Farrow, Prudence (a. 1960s)   sister of Mia Farrow
  Fascher, Horst (a. 1960s)   club bouncer
  Fawcett, Anthony (b. 1948)   art critic
  Fenton, Shane (b. 1942)   singer
  Flannery, Joe (a. 1960s)   artist manager
  Frankland, Rosemary (a. 1960s)   ex-Miss World, actress
  Freeman, Robert (a. 1960s)   photographer, designer
  Frost, David   trumpet, TV show host
  Fury, Billy (b. 1941 d. 1983)   singer
  Garry, Len (a. 1950s)   skiffle musician
  Gentle, Johnny (a. 1950s)   singer
  Good, Jack (b. 1931)   TV producer
  Grade, Lew (a. 1960s)   TV excutive
  Gretty, Jim (a. 1960s)   sold John Lennon his first guitar
  Hague, Jonathan (a. 1960s)   artist and friend of John Lennon
  Hamp, Johnny (a. 1960s)   TV producer
  Hanton, Colin (a. 1950s)   drummer with John Lennon's first group, The Quarry
  Harrison (b. 1944)   model
  Harrison, George (a. 1960s)   columnist with the Liverpool Echo
  Harrison, George (b. 1943)   alto saxophone, singer
  Harrison, Harold (d. 1978)   George Harrison's father
  Harrison, Louise   George Harrison's elder sister
  Harrison, Louise   George Harrison's mother
  Haslam, Michael (b. 1940)   singer
  Higgins, Henry (d. 1978)   bullfighter
  Hines, Iain (a. 1960s)   keyboard
  Hoffman, Dezo (a. 1960s)   photographer
  Holly, Buddy (b. 1936 d. 1959)   rock & roll singer, vocals
  Hopkin, Mary (b. 1950)   singer
  Howarth, Don (a. 1960s)   TV producer
  Howes, Arthur (a. 1960s)   promoter
  Hubers, Erika (a. 1960)   girlfriend of Paul McCartney
  Hughes, Jim (a. 1980)   co-founder of the Beatles Museum
  Hughes, Liz (a. 1980)   co-founder of the Beatles Museum
  Huntley, Ted (a. 1960s)   employee at HMV store in Oxford Street, London
  Hutchinson, Johnny (a. 1961)   drummer, singer
  Idle, Eric (a. 1960s)   comedian, guitar
  Jacobs, David (a. 1960s)   show business lawyer
  James, Dick (b. 1921 d. 1986)   singer, publisher and booking agent for the Beatle
  Jamieson, Russell (b. 1959 a. 1963)   very young Beatle fan
  Janice the Stripper (a. 1960)   stripper (The Beatles provided the backing music f
  Janov, Arthur (a. 1971)   psychologist
  Jasper, Tony (a. 1977)   writer, broadcaster
  Jay, Peter (a. 1962)   drummer
  Jevans, Joseph (a. 1960s)   registrar at Marylebone Register Office
  John, Elton (b. 1947)   composer, lyricist
  Jones, Casey (a. 1959)   lead guitar, singer
  Jones, Davy (a. 1961)   singer (Beatles provided the backing for his Caver
  Jones, Peter (a. 1960s)   music journalist
  Junkin, John (a. 1960s)   comedian, character actor
  Kaempfert, Bert (b. 1924 d. 1980)   bandleader, composer
  Kane, Art (a. 1960s)   photographer
  Kass, Ron (a. 1960s)   record executive
  Kaye, Peter (a. 1960s)   Beatles photographer
  Kelly, Brian (a. 1950s)   promotor
  Kelly, Freda (a. 1960s)   Beatle Fan Club secretary
  Kelly, George (a. 1960s)   Paul McCartney's butler
  Kinnear, Roy (a. 1960s)   character actor
  Kirchnerr, Astrid (a. 1961)  
  Klein, Allen (b. 1931)   financial wheeler and dealer
  Koschmeider, Bruno (a. 1960s)   club owner
  Kramer, Billy J. (b. 1943)   singer, vocals
  La Motta, Stephanie (a. 1981)   adopted daughter of Jake La Motta
  Laine, Denny (b. 1944)   singer, songwriter
  Lapidos, Mark (a. 1970s)   promoter of Beatle conventions
  Leach, Sam (a. 1960s)   promotor
  Leary, Timothy (a. 1960s)   hippie intelectual, vocals
  Lennon, Alfred "Freddie"   John Lennon's father
  Lennon, Cynthia (b. 1939)   first wife of John Lennon
  Lennon, Julia   John Lennon's mother, voice
  Lennon, Julian [John Charles Julian] (b. 1963)   rock singer, songwriter
  Lennon, Sean (b. 1975)   first child of John & Yoko
  Lester, Dick (b. 1932)   movie producer, movie director
  Little Richard (b. 1935)   composer, lyricist
  Lomax, Jackie (b. 1944)   singer, songwriter
  Lowe, John "Duff" (a. 1950s)   former pianist with the Quarrymen
  Mackey, Peter (a. 1960s)   bass guitar
  Majlata, Eva   actress
  Manson, Charles   cult leader, mass murderer
  Mardas, Alexis (a. 1960s)   inventor
  Marsden, Beryl (b. 1947 a. 1963-1965)   singer
  Marshall, William (a. 1960s)   feature writer with the Daily Mirror
  Martin, George (b. 1926)   Beatles recording manager
  Matthews, Dick (a. 1960s)   helped to launch the paper 'Mersey Beat'
  McCartney, James (b. 1902 d. 1976)   father of Paul McCartney
  McCartney, Linda (b. 1941)   songwriter
  McCartney, Mary (b. 1969)   first daughter of Linda & Paul McCartney
  McCartney, Mike (a. 1950s)   brother of Paul McCartney
  McCartney, Paul [James Paul] (b. 1942)   author, composer
  McCulloch, Jimmy (b. 1953 d. 1979)   guitar
  McCullough, Henry (b. 1943 a. 1966)   guitar
  McFall, Ray (a. 1959)   proprietor of the Cavern
  McGear, Mike (b. 1944)   brother of Paul McCartney
  McGivern, Maggie (a. 1960s)   girlfriend of Paul McCartney
  McKinnon, Duncan (a. 1962)   promotor
  Milligan, Spike   comedian
  Millins, Duggie (a. 1960s)   tailor to the Beatles
  Mohamed, Jeff (a. 1960s)   one of John Lennon's closest friends
  Mohin (d. 1956)   mother of Paul McCartney
  Montez, Chris (b. 1943)   singer
  Moon, Keith (b. 1947 d. 1978)   additional Lyrics, additional Music
  Moore, Tommy (a. 1959)   drummer with the Silver Beatles
  Morrison, Ruth (a. 1960s)   George Harrison's first girlfriend
  Murray, Mitch (b. 1940)   composer, songwriter
  Murray, Rod (a. 1960s)   student friend of John Lennon
  Murray Thek (a. 1960s)   disc jockey
  Nicol, Jimmy (a. 1960s)   Beatle drummer when Ringo Starr was ill
  Nilsson, Harry (b. 1941)   composer, lyricist
  Noebel, David A. (a. 1968)   author of two anti-Beatles booklets
  Norman, Philip (a. 1970s)   writer
  O'Dell, Chris (a. 1960s)   employee of Apple Records
  O'Dell, Dennis (a. 1968)   head of Apple Films
  O'Finley, Charles (a. 1960s)   Kansas City baseball promoter
  O'Mahony, Sean (a. 1960s)   publisher of Beat Instrumental
  Oldham, Andrew Loog (b. 1944)   pop group manager
  Ono, Yoko (b. 1933)   composer, librettist
  Orbison, Roy (Kelton) (b. 1936 d. 1988)   composer, guitar
  Ormsby-Gore, David (a. 1964)   diplomat
  Orton, Jo (d. 1967)   playwright
  Owen, Alun (a. 1960s)   playwright
  Paar, Jack   TV show host
  Pang, May (a. 1970s)   secretary to Yoko Ono
  Paolozzi, Eduardo (a. 1961)   sculptor
  Parnes, Larry [Laurence Maurice] (b. 1930 d. 1989)   pop group manager, rock impresario
  Peel, David (b. ERR4>)   singer
  Pilcher, Norman (a. 1968)   member of Scotland Yard's Drug Squad
  Pollard, Michael J. (a. 1968)   actor, cast
  Poole, Brian (b. 1941)   singer
  Popjoy, William Edward (a. 1956)   headmaster of Quarrybank Grammer School
  Prasad Varma, Mahesh (b. 1918 a. 1960s)   founder of the International Meditation Society
  Presley, Elvis (Aaron) (b. 1935 d. 1977)   singer, songwriter
  Preston, Billy [William Everett] (b. 1946)   composer, gospel singer
  Proby, P.J. (b. 1938)   rock singer
  Quickly, Tommy (b. >1943)   singer
  Roe, Tommy (b. 1942)   pop-rock singer, guitar
  Rose, Bettina (a. 1960s)   Beatle Fan Club secretary
  Rossington, Norman (a. 1960s)   character actor
  Rowe, Dick (a. 1953)   record producer, the man who turned down the Beatl
  Rudy, Ed (a. 1960s)   journalist, radio announcer
  Russell, Ethan (a. 1960s)   photographer
  Russell, William (a. 1970s)   school teacher
  Sargeant, Bill (a. 1977)   rock promoter
  Schaffner, Nicolas (b. 1953)   musician, author
  Schwartz, Francie (a. 1968)   girlfriend of Paul McCartney
  Seiwell, Danny (a. 1970s)   drummer
  Sellers, Peter   actor
  Shankar, Ravi (b. 1920)   musicista, sitar
  Shannon, Del (b. 1939 d. 1990)   cast, singer
  Shapiro, Helen (b. 1946)   singer, actress
  Shenson, Walter   movie producer
  Sheridan, Tony (b. 1940)   guitar
  Shotton, Pete (a. 1950s)   John Lennon's best friend
  Smith, Alan (a. 1960s)   journalist
  Smith, George (d. 1953)   John Lennon's uncle
  Smith, Mike (a. 1960s)   A&R man for Decca Records
  Smith, Norman (a. 1960s)   Beatles recording engineer
  Sommerville, Brian (a. 1960s)   press agent for the Beatles
  Spector, Phil [Harvey Philip] (b. 1940 a. 1958-1959)   arranger, composer
  Spencer, Graham (a. 1960s)   Beatles photographer
  Spinetti, Victor (a. 1960s)   actor, cast
  Stanley   John Lennon's aunt
  Starkey, Elsie   Ringo Starr's mother
  Starkey, Jason (b. 1967)   second child of Ringo Starr
  Starkey, Zak (b. 1965)   first child of Ringo Starr
  Starr, Ringo (b. 1940)   drummer, drums
  Stigwood, Robert (a. 1966-1970)   producer, record producer
  Stinton, Roger (a. 1960s)   press agent for the Beatles
  Storm, Rory (b. 1940)   singer
  Sullivan, Ed (a. 1960s)   TV show host
  Sutch, Screaming Lord (b. 1940 a. 1960)   singer, bandleader
  Sutcliffe, Millie   mother of Stuart Sutcliffe
  Sutcliffe, Stuart (b. 1940 d. 1962)   bass
  Taylor, Alistair (a. 1960s)   assistant to Brian Epstein
  Taylor, Derek (a. 1963)   journalist
  Taylor, Kingsize (a. 1960s active: 1960s)   singer
  Tremlett, George (a. 1960s)   music journalist
  Vaughan, Ivan (a. 1950s)   tea-chest bass player with John Lennon's first gro
  Vollmer, Jurgen (a. 1961)   photographer
  Voorman, Klaus (b. 1943 a. 1965)   bass, bassist
  Walley, Nigel (a. 1950s)   school chum of John Lennon
  Walsh, Sam (a. 1960s)   artist, painted portrait of Paul McCartney
  Walters, Lu (a. 1960)   bass guitar, singer
  Watmough, Harry (a. 1960s)   show-biz photographer
  Weiss, Nathan (a. 1964)   attorney
  Weissleder, Manfred (a. 1960s)   owner of the Star Club
  Wells, Mary (Esther) (b. 1943 d. 1992)   rhythm & blues singer, vocals
  White, Andy (a. 1960s)   session drummer
  Wigg, David (a. 1970s)   music journalist
  Williams, Allan (a. 1960s)   club owner
  Williams, Angela (a. 1960s)   step-mother of Paul McCartney
  Wilson, Harold (a. 1960s)   prime minister
  Wonder, Stevie (b. 1950)   composer, harmonica
  Woodbine (a. 1960s)   strip club owner
  Wooler, Bob (a. 1962)   disc jockey
  Yolland, Peter (a. 1960s)   TV producer

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