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Whittall, Arnold
Music since the first world war
London: J.M. Dent & Sons, 1977, 277 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Babbitt, Milton (Byron) (b. 1916)   composer
  Bartok, Bela (b. 1881 a. 1939)   composer, compositeur
  Berg, Alban (Maria Johannes) (b. 1885)   composer, compositore
  Berio, Luciano (b. 1925)   composer, direttore d'orchestra
  Boulez, Pierre (b. 1925)   composer, conductor
  Britten, Benjamin [Eduard Benjamin] (b. 1913)   composer, Komponist
  Cage, John (b. 1912 d. 1992)   composer, direttore d'orchestra
  Carter, Elliott (Cook) (b. 1908)   composer, Komposition
  Dallapiccola, Luigi (b. 1904)   composer, compositore
  Gerhard, Roberto (b. 1896 d. 1970)   composer, Komposition
  Henze, Hans Werner (b. 1926)   composer, direttore d'orchestre
  Hindemith, Paul (b. 1895)   composer, compositeur
  Janacek, Leos (b. 1854)   composer, compositore
  Ligeti, Gyorgy (Sandor) (b. 1923)   composer, Komposition
  Lutoslawski, Witold (b. 1913)   composer, conductor
  Messiaen, Olivier (Eugene Prosper Charles) (b. 1908 d. 1992)   composer, Komposition
  Nielsen, Carl (August) (b. 1865 d. 1931)   composer
  Prokofiev, Sergey (Sergeyevich)   composer, compositore
  Satie, Erik (Alfred Leslie) (b. 1866 d. 1925)   composer, compositeur
  Schoenberg, Arnold (Franz Walter) (b. 1874 d. 1951)   composer
  Sessions, Roger (Huntington) (b. 1896 d. 1985)   composer, piano
  Shostakovich, Dmitriy (Dmitriyevich) (b. 1906 d. 1975)   arrangiatore, composer
  Sibelius, Jean (Julius Christian) (b. 1865)   composer, compositore
  Stockhausen, Karlheinz (b. 1928)   composer, conductor
  Strauss, Richard (Georg) (b. 1864 d. 1949)   composer, conductor
  Stravinsky, Igor (Fyodorovich) (b. 1882 d. 1971)   composer, compositore
  Tippett, Michael (Kemp) (b. 1905)   composer, Dirigent
  Varese, Edgard [Edgar] (Victor Achille Charles) (b. 1883 d. 1965)   composer, fire sirens
  Vaughan Williams, Ralph (b. 1872 d. 1958)   composer, compositore
  Webern, Anton (Friedrich Wilhelm von) (b. 1883)   composer, Dirigent
  Weill, Kurt (Julian) (b. 1900 d. 1950)   author, composer
  Xenakis, Iannis (b. 1922)   composer, composition

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