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Musical Herald 1906

The above item has biographical information on:

  Baptie, David (b. 1822 d. 1906)   music biographer, composer
  Barnett, John Francis (b. 1837 d. 1916)   composer, conductor
  Brema, Marie (b. 1856 d. 1925)   chanteur, mezzo-soprano
  Cowley, A.L. (b. 1840 a. 1906)   teacher of singing, composer
  Hurlstone, William Yeates (b. 1876 d. 1906)   composer, piano
  Paine, John Knowles (b. 1839 d. 1906)   composer, teacher
  Rooney, Kate   cast, contralto
  Rosenthal, Moritz (d. 1946)   Klavier, pianista
  Stevens, Richard John Samuel (b. 1757 d. 1837)   composer, musician
  Stockhausen, Julius (Christian) (b. 1826 d. 1906)   baritone, conductor

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