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Adler, B.
Lover, Ed
Dre, Doctor
Beckman, Janette
Rap! : portraits and lyrics of a generation of black rockers
Text by B. Adler
Foreword by Doctor Dre and Ed Lover of "Yo! MTV Raps"
Photographs by Janette Beckman
New York: St. Martin's Press, 1991, 107 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Afrika Bambaatta (b. 1960)   rapper
  Big Daddy Kane (b. 1969 a. 1988)   rapper
  Blow, Kurtis (b. 1959)   producer, vocals
  Doctor Dre (b. 1963)   host of TV rap video show
  Doug E. Fresh (b. ERR4> a. 1986)   rapper
  E-Z Rock (a. 1990)   rapper
  Eric B (a. 1990)   rapper
  Grandmaster Flash (b. 1958 a. 1982)   rap DJ
  Hyde (a. 1981)   rapper
  Ice Cube (b. 1969 a. 1991)   rapper
  Ice T (b. 1950s a. 1986)   rapper
  Jekyll (b. 1961 a. 1981)   rapper
  Justice (a. 1990)   rapper
  Kool Herc (b. 1955 a. 1967)   rapper
  Krs-One (b. 1965)   rapper
  Latifah, Queen (b. 1970)   rapper
  LL Cool J (b. 1969)   rapper
  Lover, Ed (b. 1963)   host of TV rap video show
  MC Lyte (b. 1970)   rapper
  Monie Love (b. 1970)   rapper
  Rakim (b. 1970)   rapper
  Rubin, Rick (b. 1963 a. 1984)   founder of Def Jam Records
  Shante, Roxanne (b. 1969 a. 1988)   rapper
  Simmons, Russell "Rush" (b. 1950s)   rap entrepreneur
  Slick Rick (b. 1965 a. 1985)   rapper
  Tone-Loc (b. 1966 a. 1988-1989)   rapper
  Young Mc (b. 1967 a. 1990)   rapper

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