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McGinty, Doris Evans
Black women in the music of Washington, D.C. 1900-20.

The above item is part of :
Floyd, Samuel A. Jr.
Wright, Josephine
New perspectives on music : essays in honour of Eileen Southern
Edited by Josephine Wright with Samuel A. Floyd, Jr.
Michigan: Harmonie Park Press, 1992, 561 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Ball, Josephine (a. 1902)   amateur singer
  Barnes, Mary (a. 1914)   amateur musician, piano
  Blagburn, Lucy (a. 1908-1914)   soprano
  Brown, Lottie (a. 1904)   teacher, piano
  Bundy, Della (a. 1914)   piano
  Calloway, Caroline (a. 1916)   amateur pianist
  Carter, Elenora (a. 1914)   amateur singer
  Contee, Hattie (a. 1905)   amateur singer
  Daniels, Mattie (a. 1915)   amateur singer
  Gordon, M.H. (a. 1914)   amateur singer
  Hamilton, Bessie Irene (a. 1904)   amateur singer
  Hawkins, Maud Johnson (a. 1902)   amateur mandolinist
  Holmes, Ida (a. 1915)   amateur singer
  James Marie C. (a. 1900-1908)   singer, teacher
  Johnson, Eva   singer
  Kelly (a. 1906)   amateur singer
  McGwinn, Lucy (a. 1905)   amateur singer
  Moxley, Medora (a. 1915)   singer
  Nickens, Laura Tyler (a. 1909-1915)   singer, choral director
  Patterson, Bessie Wilhelmina (a. 1908)   piano
  Payne, Blanche (a. 1900-1908)   amateur singer
  Pelham, Gabrielle L. (a. 1903-1941)   piano, organ
  Perkins (a. 1908)   amateur singer
  Price, C. (a. 1914)   amateur singer
  Prioleau (a. 1905-1908)   singer
  Slade, Anne Lee (a. 1905-1909)   singer
  Webster, Estelle Pinckney (a. 1916-1919)   piano, singer
  Wells, Olive M. (a. 1914)   amateur singer
  Williams, Lizzie (a. 1900)   amateur singer
  Williams, Marie I. (a. 1902)   amateur cellist
  Williamson, Jeanette (a. 1903-1914)   piano, teacher
  Wright, Blanche (a. 1913-1914)   amateur singer

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