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Kolodin, Irving
In quest of music : a journey in time
Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1980, 344 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Ansermet, Ernest (b. 1883 d. 1969)   chef d'orchestre, conductor
  Bailey, Mildred (b. 1907 d. 1951)   composer, singer
  Barenboim, Daniel (b. 1942)   conductor, Dirigent
  Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette) (b. 1887 d. 1979)   piano, teacher
  Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich (b. 1925)   baritone, bass
  Henderson, W.J. (b. 1855)   critic
  Knopf, Alfred A.   publisher
  Lerner, Willie  
  Richardson, Henry Handel (b. 1870 d. 1946)   writer, composer
  Schnabel, Artur (b. 1882 d. 1951)   piano, composer

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