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Music of the gold rush era
San Francisco: Work Projects Administration, 1939
      (Series: History of Music in San Francisco Series; Volume one: January 1939)

The above item has biographical information on:

  Allovan, Alfred F. (a. 1861)   music seller
  Atwell, Joseph (a. 1850)   music seller
  Backus, Charles (b. 1831 d. 1883 a. 1852)   minstrel troupe manager, comedian
  Badger, William G. (a. 1857)   music seller
  Bianchi, Eugenio (b. 1823 d. 1895 a. 1850)   tenor, impresario
  Bianchi, Giovanna (b. 1827 d. 1895 a. 1850)   soprano
  Birch, William (a. 1844)   comedian
  Biscaccianti, Eliza (b. 1824 d. 1896)   singer, soprano
  Bishop, Anna (b. 1810 d. 1884)   bassoon, chanteur
  Bochsa, Nicholas Charles [Robert Nicholas Charles] (b. 1789 d. 1856 a. 1830-1831)   compositore, harp
  Bull, Ole Bornemann (b. 1810)   violin, Violinvirtuos
  Chase, Quincy A. (b. 1830 d. 1918 a. 1857)   music seller, importer
  Emerson, Billy (b. 1846 d. 1902)   minstrel performer
  Falkenberg, J.H. (a. 1849)   piano maker
  Farran, Robert (a. 1859)   organ builder
  Gray, Matthias (b. 1829 d. 1887)   music publisher, music seller
  Hauser, Miska (b. 1822 d. 1887)   violin, violinista
  Hayes, Catherine (b. 1825 d. 1861)   soprano
  Herold, Rudolph (b. 1834 d. 1889 a. 1852)   piano, accompanist
  Herwig, William (a. 1859)   clarinet, teacher
  Herz, Henri (b. 1803 d. ?)   compositore, pianista
  Horn, Eph (a. 1854)   song-and-dance man, female impersonator
  Keene, C.C. (a. 1857)   instrument maker
  Kohler, Andrew (b. 1819 a. 1835)   music seller
  Koppitz, Christian (b. 1829 d. 1861)   flute, composer
  Loder, George (b. 1816 d. 1868 a. 1845)   conductor, composer
  Malech, Augustus H. (a. 1851)  
  McCraith, John (a. 1859)   organ builder
  Meyer, Joseph (a. 1859)   organ builder
  Pfleuger, Herman (a. 1856)   music seller
  Pierce, W.S. (a. 1863)   organ builder
  Plaff, George (a. 1860)   instrument maker
  Rasche, Frederick (a. 1856)   music seller
  Rosa, Salvatore (a. 1852)   music seller
  Shellard, B. (a. 1859)   organ builder
  Thillon, Sophie Anne (b. 1819 d. 1903)   soprano
  Urban, Joseph (b. 1821 d. 1893 a. 1847-1852)   string instrument maker
  Wambold, David S. (b. 1836 d. 1889 a. 1860)   minstrel singer, banjo
  Woodworth, Frederick (a. 1852)   music seller
  Woodworth, Selin E. (a. 1852)   music seller
  Zech, Frederick (a. 1857)   piano maker
  Zech, Jacob (a. 1855)   piano maker

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