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Boydell, Brian
Rotunda music in eighteenth-century : Dublin
Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1992, 240 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Arne, Michael (b. 1740 d. 1786)   composer
  Ashe, Andrew (b. 1759 d. 1838)   flute, composer
  Bamford   scene painter
  Bannister, Charles (b. 1741 d. 1804)   bass, actor
  Botts (a. 1757)   singer
  Burden, W. (a. 1768-1794)   actor, bass singer
  Bury, William Major (a. 1773-1789)  
  Carter, Samson (b. 1740 d. 1804)   chorister, organ
  Charles (a. 1733-1756)   Hungarian horn-player
  Clagget, Charles (b. 1740 d. 1795 a. 1780-1795)   violin, inventor
  Cooke (a. 1783)   oboe
  Cramer, Angelique (a. 1774)   singer
  Crosbie, Richard (b. 1755)   balloonist
  Cross (a. 1755)   copyist
  Cushin, John (a. 1748-1755 active: 1780)   composer, violin
  Delahoyde, Oliver (d. 1760)   violin
  Donaldson, Anna Maria (a. 1745-1784)   singer, actress
  Doyle, Langrishe   organ
  Du Bellamy (a. 1778)   singer
  Dubourg, Matthew (b. 1703 d. 1767)   violin, music director
  Duffy, Peter (a. 1768-1805)   tenor
  Fischer, Johann Christian (b. 1733 d. 1800)   oboe
  Fitzgerald, William (a. 1757-1766)   violin, trumpeter
  Gardiner (a. 1752)   member of the music committee
  Gayet   fireworker
  George, Georgina (d. 1835)   soprano
  Giuliani (a. 1776)   singer
  Grace (a. 1769)   singer
  Heaphy, Tottenham (a. 1791)   actor-manager
  Hoeg, Christopher (a. 1782)   bass player
  Hollister, William Castels (d. 1802)   organ builder, harpsichord maker
  Holmes, Benjamin (a. 1789)  
  Jackson, William (a. 1741-1758)   hautboy
  Jameson, Mary (a. 1784)   singer
  Jarrett (a. 1781-1782)   singer
  Johnson, Benjamin (a. 1738-1768)   violin
  Johnston, Maria Anne (a. 1784)   singer
  Jones, Edward (b. 1752 d. 1824)   harp
  Kelly (a. 1785)   singer
  Kelly, Hugh   leader of the Theatre Royal (Crow Street) band
  Kelly, Michael (b. 1762 d. 1826)   cantante, tenor
  Lampe, Isabella (a. 1730-1753)   singer
  Lampe, John Frederick (b. 1703 d. 1751)   composer, bassoon
  Lester, Master (a. 1752)   prodigy violinist, harpsichord
  Mahon, Catherine (b. 1732 d. 1808 a. 1763)   singer
  McCalley, John (a. 1783-1801)   music seller, publisher
  McGrath (a. 1769-1771)   violin
  Monanni, Angelo   cantante, interprete
  Oldmixon, Eleanora (a. 1747)   soprano
  Passarini, Francesco (b. 1636 d. 1694)   composer, maestro di cappella
  Pinto, Julia (a. 1774-1777)   singer, sister of Sibella
  Poekrich, Richard (b. 1695 d. 1759)   introduced the musical glasses to Dublin
  Rauzzini, Matteo (b. 1754 d. 1791)   composer, teacher of singing
  Rosselini, Fidele (a. 1771)   singer
  San, Giorgio (a. 1777-1778)   singer, harp
  Scheener (a. 1783)   violin
  Shewcraft (a. 1771-1774)   singer
  Siddons   actress
  Spencer (a. 1755)   singer
  Sullivan, Daniel (d. 1764)   counter tenor
  Trench, Frederick (a. 1784-1789)   a member of the Music Committee
  Tuke, Robert   organ
  Walsh, George (d. 1765 a. 1743-1761)   organ, teacher
  Weichsell, Carl (a. 1783)  

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