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Howe, Julia W.
Sketches of representative women of New England, etc ...
Boston: 1904.
      (Series: The New England Library of Popular Biographies)

The above item has biographical information on:

  Batcheller, Tryphosa Bates   author, singer
  Cade, Salome Thomas (b. 1867)   singer, composer
  Crane, Sibylia Adelaide Bailey (b. 1851 d. 1900)   composer, educator
  Darlingtone, Nina Kelton (a. 1892-1898)   musician, educator
  Faelten, Marie Dewing (b. 1869)   piano, educator
  Fales, Mary J. Prescott (a. 1871)   singer, church worker
  Fitz, Adeline Frances (a. 1884-1904)   composer
  Franklin, Gertrude (a. 1885)   singer, educator
  Gilman, Mary Lynch (a. 1870-1894)   charity worker, church organist
  Hawley, Annie Andros (a. 1896-1903)   librettist, composer
  Kotzschmar, Mary Ann (b. 1853)   piano teacher, musician
  MacGregor, Ellen Barstow (a. 1899)   musician, composer
  Mattoon, Laura A. Goodnow (a. 1865-1870)   soprano
  Merrill, Anne Elizabeth (a. 1884-1900)   singer, educator
  Morey, Ellen Beale (a. 1874)   abolitionist, church organist
  Nason, Emma Huntington (b. 1845)   poet, author
  Orth, Lizette Emma (b. 1858 d. 1913)   composer, musician
  Quinlan, Gertrude   actress, cast
  Ricker, Katherine   singer
  Thompson, Jonathon (b. 1761 d. 1836)   captain of militia, drummer
  Walker, Jennie Patrick (a. 1891)   singer

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