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Caulfield, J.
Portraits, memoirs and characters of remarkable persons from ... 1688 to the end of the reign of George II ...
London: 1819-20, 4 vols.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Birnie, Patie [Patrick] (a. 17th century )   violin, composer
  Britton, Thomas (b. 1644 d. 1714)   music patron, amateur musician
  Buckinger, Matthew (b. 1674 d. 1722)   Freak, artist
  Carey, Henry (b. 1689 d. 1743)   composer, dramatist
  Heidegger, John James (b. 1659 d. 1749)   operatic manager
  Kelling, John   vagabond, flageolet
  Oldham, Nathaniel (a. 1740)   Virtuoso

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