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A catalogue of music for the Ampico.
A list of the recordings of pianists whose art in thus preserved for present day music lovers and for posterity; together with short biographies of many of the composers and artists and notes on the music
New York: Ampico Corporation, 1925, 351 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Bodanzky, Artur (b. 1877 d. 1939)   conductor, musician
  Borchard, Adolphe (b. 1882 d. 1967)   composer, piano
  Brailowsky, Alexander (b. 1896 d. 1976)   pianista, pianiste
  Brockway, Howard (b. 1870 d. 1951)   composer, piano
  Buhlig, Richard (b. 1880 d. 1952)   Klavier, piano
  Carreno, Teresa [Maria Teresa] (b. 1853 d. 1917)   piano, composer
  Carroll, Adam (b. 1897 d. 1974)   composer, dance arranger
  Chiapusso, Jan Joseph (b. 1890 d. 1969)   piano, teacher
  Confrey, Zez (b. 1895 d. 1971)   composer, piano
  Copeland, George (b. 1882 d. 1971)   piano
  De Koven, Reginald [Henry Louis Reginald] (b. 1859 d. 1920)   composer, conductor
  Delcamp, J. Milton (a. 1925)   piano
  Dohnanyi, Erno (d. 1960)   direttore, Dirigent
  Dumesnil, Maurice (d. 1974)   Klavier, pianiste
  Farrar, Geraldine (b. 1882)   soprano, singer
  Godowsky, Leopold (d. 1938)   composer, Klavier
  Gordon, Phillip (b. 1892)   piano
  Grofe, Ferde (b. 1892 d. 1972)   composer, musicisti
  Hageman, Richard (b. 1882 d. 1966)   composer, conductor
  Hambourg, Mark (b. 1879 d. 1960)   Klavier, piano
  Herbert, Victor (August) (b. 1859 d. 1924)   composer, conductor
  Indy, Vincent [Paul Marie Theodore Vincent] (b. 1851 d. 1931)   composer, theorist
  Kreisler, Fritz (b. 1875)   composer, compositore
  Lamson, Carl (b. 1878)   piano, accompanist
  Lange, Henry W. (b. 1895)   composer, piano
  Leginska, Ethel (b. 1886 d. 1970)   Dirigent, Klavier
  Levitzki, Mischa (b. 1898 d. 1941)   Klavier, piano
  Lhevinne, Josef (b. 1874 d. 1944)   Klavier, piano
  Lopez, Vincent (b. 1898 d. 1975 a. 1922-1939)   bandleader, cast
  Mirovich, Alfred (b. 1884 d. 1959)   piano, composer
  Moiseiwitsch, Benno (b. 1890 d. 1963)   piano, pianoforte
  Munz, Mieczyslaw (b. 1900 d. 1976)   concert pianist
  Nash, Frances   Klavier, piano
  Nyiregyhazi, Ervin (b. 1903 d. 1987)   piano
  Ornstein, Leo (b. 1892)   composer, piano
  Rachmaninov, Sergey (Vasilyevich) (b. 1873 a. 1936)   composer, compositore
  Rainger, Ralph (b. 1901 d. 1942)   cast, composer
  Rosenthal, Moritz (d. 1946)   Klavier, pianista
  Rubinstein, Artur (b. 1887 d. 1982)   piano
  Schmitz, Elie Robert (b. 1889 d. 1949)   piano
  Schnabel, Artur (b. 1882 d. 1951)   piano, composer
  Schnitzer, Germaine Alice   piano
  Silber, Sidney (b. 1881 d. 1959)   piano, lecturer
  Souvaine, Henry (d. 1954)   composer, piano
  Stojowski, Zygmunt (Denis Antoni) (b. 1870 d. 1946)   Dirigent, Klavier
  Strauss, Richard (Georg) (b. 1864 d. 1949)   composer, conductor
  Suskind, Milton (b. 1898 a. 1925)   piano
  Van der Berg, Brahm (d. 1926)   composer, piano
  Volavy, Marguerite   piano
  Zeisler, Fannie (b. 1863 d. 1927)   Klavier, pianiste

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