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Yeomans, Ian
Carey, Bill
Berg, Ivan
Brittan, Nick
Trad : an a to Z who's who of the British traditional jazz scene
By Ivan Berg and Ian Yeomans
Additional material by Nick Brittan
Foreword by Bill Carey
London: W. Foulsham, 1962, 80 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Ashman, Micky (a. 1962)   leader
  Ball, Kenny [Kenneth Daniel] (b. 1930)   trumpet, trumpeter
  Barber, Chris [Donald Christopher] (b. 1930)   jazz musician, trombone
  Bilk, Acker [Bernard Stanley] (b. 1929)   clarinet
  Brown, Gerry (a. 1962)   leader
  Bryden, Beryl (Audrey) (b. 1926 a. 1953)   singer
  Cairns, Forrie (a. 1962)   clarinet
  Charlesworth, Dick (b. 1932)   clarinet
  Colyer, Ken [Kenneth] (b. 1928 d. 1988)   cornet, trumpeter
  Corrie, Ed (a. 1962)   leader
  Cotton, Mike [Michael Edward] (b. 1939)   trumpet
  Daniels, Mike (b. 1939 a. 1969)   string bass, trumpet
  Elsdon, Alan (b. 1934)   bass guitar, trumpet
  Galbraith, Charlie [Charles Alfred] (b. 1920)   trombone, bandleader
  Gonella, Nat [Nathaniel Charles] (b. 1908)   flute, trumpet
  Halcox, Pat [Patrick John] (b. 1930)   trumpet
  Lambe, Jeanie (b. 1940)   singer
  Lightfoot, Terry (b. 1935)   clarinet
  Lyttelton, Humphrey (b. 1921)   trumpet, trumpeter
  McHarg, Jim (a. 1962)   leader
  McHarg, Jim (b. 1927)   string bass, composer
  Morris, Sonny (a. 1962)   trumpeter, leader
  Patterson, Ottilie (b. 1932)   singer, vocals
  Peters, Mike (a. 1962)   leader
  Pitts, Terry (a. 1962)   leader
  Revell, Alex (a. 1962)   leader
  Turner, Bruce (a. 1962)   leader
  Turner, Bruce (b. 1922)   alto sax, sax
  Wallis, Bob (b. 1934)   trumpet
  Wallis, Bob (a. 1962)   leader
  Welsh, Alex (b. 1929 d. 1982)   jazz trumpet, singer

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