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White, Nick
Lock, Graham
Chasing the vibration : meetings with creative musicians
Graham Lock with photographs by Nick White
Exeter, England: Stride Publications, 1994, 192 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Brand, Adolf Johannes (b. 1934)   baritone sax, jazz piano
  Carter, Betty (b. 1930)   singer, vocals
  Crispell, Marilyn (b. 1947)   jazz piano, piano
  Gilmore, John (b. 1931)   tenor saxophone
  Giuffre, Jimmy [James Peter] (b. 1921)   baritone sax, clarinet
  Holiday, Billie (b. 1915 d. 1959)   musicisti, singer
  Holland, Dave [David] (b. 1946)   bass, double bass
  Lacy, Steve (b. 1934)   soprano sax, composer
  McGregor, Chris (b. 1936 d. 1990)   piano, bandleader
  Murray, Sunny [James Marcellus Arthur] (b. 1937)   drummer
  Parker, Evan (b. 1944)   Komposition, saxophone
  Roach, Max [Maxwell Lemuel] (b. 1925)   bass, drfl~
  Smith, Leo (b. 1941)   trumpeter, composer
  Sun Ra (b. 1914)   composer, piano
  Tapscott, Horace (b. 1934)   jazz piano, piano
  Taylor, Cecil (Percival) (b. 1933)   piano, composer
  Waldron, Mal [Malcolm Earl] (b. 1926)   piano
  Westbrook, Mike [Michael John David] (b. 1936)   jazz composer, piano
  Wheeler, Kenny (b. 1930)   trumpet, flugel horn
  Winstone, Norma (b. 1941)   singer, vocals

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