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Rimler, Walter
Not fade away.
A comparison of jazz age with rock era pop song composers
Ann Arbor, Mich: Pierian Press, 1984

The above item has biographical information on:

  Arlen, Harold (b. 1905 d. 1986)   cast, composer
  Berlin, Irving (b. 1888 d. 1989)   cast, composer
  Dozier, Lamont (b. 1941)   composer, lyricist
  Dylan, Bob (b. 1941)   composer, folksinger
  Gershwin, George (b. 1898)   author, cast
  Harrison, George (b. 1943)   alto saxophone, singer
  Holland, Brian (b. 1941)   composer, lyricist
  Holland, Eddie (b. 1939)   composer, lyricist
  Jagger, Mick (b. 1943)   composer, lyricist
  Kern, Jerome (David) (b. 1885 d. 1945)   cast, composer
  King, Carole (b. 1943)   composer, lyricist
  Lennon, John (Winston Ono) (b. 1940 d. 1980)   author, composer
  McCartney, Paul [James Paul] (b. 1942)   author, composer
  Porter, Cole (Albert) (b. 1891 d. 1964)   cast, composer
  Richards, Keith (b. 1943)   composer, guitar
  Rodgers, Richard (Charles) (b. 1902 d. 1979)   cast, composer
  Simon, Paul (b. 1942)   composer, lyricist

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