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Pereira, Al
Small, Michael
Break it down
The inside story from the new leaders of rap
Photographs by Al Pereira
Additional photographs by Michael Small and others
New York: Carol Publishing Group, 1992

The above item has biographical information on:

  2pac (b. 1971)   rapper
  Aasim, Afrika Bambaataa (a. 1970s)   godfather of Hip-Hop
  Ali (b. 1970)   rapper
  Amg (b. 1970)   rapper
  Barnes, Denise (b. 1968)   TV rap show host
  Big Daddy Kane (b. 1969 a. 1988)   rapper
  Biz Markie (b. 1964)   rapper
  Chuck D (b. 1960)   rapper
  D-Nice (b. 1970)   rapper
  Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (b. 1972 a. 1991)   rapper
  DJ Fuze (b. 1970)   rapper
  DJ Quik (b. 1970 a. 1991)   rapper
  Dmc (b. 1964)   rapper
  Doctor Dre (b. 1963)   host of TV rap video show
  Dres (b. 1964 a. 1992)   rapper
  Eazy-E (b. ERR4> a. 1990)   rapper
  Eric B (a. 1990)   rapper
  Flavor Flav (b. >1959)   rapper
  Fly Ty (b. 1957)   rapper
  Fresh Prince (b. 1969 a. 1987)   rapper
  Hammer (b. 1962)   rapper
  Heavy D. (b. 1967)   rapper
  Huston, Paul E. (b. 1967)   rap producer
  Ice Cube (b. 1969 a. 1991)   rapper
  Ice T (b. 1950s a. 1986)   rapper
  Kg (b. 1969)   rapper
  Kid (a. 1992)   rapper
  Kid Frost (b. ERR4> a. 1991)   rapper
  Kool Moe Dee (b. 1963 a. 1992)   rapper
  Krs-One (b. 1965)   rapper
  Latifah, Queen (b. 1970)   rapper
  LL Cool J (b. 1969)   rapper
  Lord Jamar (b. 1968 a. 1991)   rapper
  Lover, Ed (b. 1963)   host of TV rap video show
  Lyndah (a. 1991)   rapper
  M.C. Shan (b. 1965)   rapper
  Marley Marl (b. 1964)   rapper
  MC Lyte (b. 1970)   rapper
  MC Serch (b. 1967 a. 1991)   rapper
  Michele (a. 1991)   rapper
  Mista Lawnge (b. 1970)   rapper
  Monie Love (b. 1970)   rapper
  Pasemaster Mace (b. 1970 a. 1989)   rapper
  Pepa (b. ERR4> a. 1992)   rapper
  Phife (b. 1970 a. 1985)   rapper
  Play (a. 1992)   rapper
  Prime Minister Pete Nice (b. 1967 a. 1991)   rapper
  Q-Tip (b. 1971)   rapper
  Rakim (b. 1970)   rapper
  Run (b. 1964)   rapper
  Sadat X (b. 1968 a. 1991)   rapper
  Salt (b. ERR4> a. 1992)   rapper
  Sermon, Erick S. (b. 1966)   rapper
  Shante, Roxanne (b. 1969 a. 1988)   rapper
  Smith, Parrish J. (b. 1968)   rapper
  Spivey, George (b. 1968)   rap DJ
  Tim Dog (b. 1967)   rapper
  Too Short (b. 1966)   rapper
  Treach (b. 1970)   rapper
  Trugoy the Dove (b. 1968 a. 1989)   rapper
  Vanilla Ice (b. 1968 a. 1991)   rapper
  Vinnie (b. 1970)   rapper
  Yo Yo (b. 1971)   rapper
  Yorkers Posdunos (b. 1969 a. 1989)   rapper

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