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Frame, Pete
Leigh, Spencer
Lets go down the Cavern
With charts by Pete Frame
London: Vermilion, 1984, 215 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Allen, Frank (b. 1943)   singer
  Amoo, Eddie (a. 1962)  
  Andrew, Don (a. 1962)   bass
  Ankrah, Edmund (a. 1962)  
  Ankrah, Joey (a. 1962)  
  Barber, Adrian (a. 1961)   lead guitar
  Best, Pete (b. 1941)   drummer
  Black, Cilla (b. 1943)   singer
  Braid, Les (b. 1941)   bass
  Butler, Joe (a. 1960s)  
  Chambers, Paddy (a. 1965)  
  Collins, Lewis (b. 1946)   bass guitar
  Conrad, Bob [John] (b. 1944)   drummer
  Crane, Tony (a. 1962)   guitar, singer
  Crouch, Nicky (b. 1943)   guitar
  Curtis, Lee (a. 1963-1964)   singer
  Dyke, Roy (b. 1945)   drummer
  Edwards, Ian (a. 1962)   singer
  Ennis, Ray (b. 1942)   rhythm guitar
  Faron (a. 1962)  
  Fleming, Steve (a. 1963)   keyboard
  Flyn, Charlie (a. 1962)   bass, songwriter
  Gorman, John (a. 1967)  
  Gough, Roger (a. 1967)  
  Gregory, Mike (b. 1947)   bass
  Gustavson, John (a. 1961)   bass
  Harrison, George (b. 1943)   alto saxophone, singer
  Hatton, Billy (b. 1941)   bass
  Hornsby, Clive (a. 1962)   drummer
  Hutchinson, Johnny (a. 1961)   drummer, singer
  Jackson, Tony (b. 1940 a. 1964-1965)   bass, singer
  James, Stu (b. 1945)   harmonica, singer
  Johnson, Brian (a. 1963)   drummer
  Jones, Brian "Boots" (a. 1966)   saxophone, singer
  Kinrade, John (a. 1961)   guitar
  Kinsley, Billy (b. 1946)   bass
  Kramer, Billy J. (b. 1943)   singer, vocals
  Lennon, John (Winston Ono) (b. 1940 d. 1980)   author, composer
  Lomax, Jackie (b. 1944)   singer, songwriter
  Lovelady, Dave (b. 1942)   drummer
  Manley, Colin (a. 1962)   lead guitar
  Marsden, Beryl (b. 1947 a. 1963-1965)   singer
  Marsden, Freddie (b. 1940)   drummer
  Marsden, Gerry (b. 1942)   singer
  May, Dave (a. 1963)  
  McCartney, Paul [James Paul] (b. 1942)   author, composer
  McGear, Mike (b. 1944)   singer
  McLaren, Steve (a. 1962)   guitar
  McNally, John (b. 1941)   guitar, rhythm guitar
  Millward, Mike (b. 1942)   rhythm guitar
  Morais, Trevor (a. 1962)   drummer
  Nugent, Geoff (a. 1966)   guitar, singer
  O'Hara, Brian (b. 1942)   guitar
  O'Toole, Terry (b. 1941)   keyboard
  Parry, Eddie (a. 1962)   singer
  Pender, Mike (b. 1942)   rhythm guitar
  Peters, Mark (a. 1963)   disc jockey, singer
  Quickley, Tommy (a. 1963)   singer
  Sandon, Johnny (a. 1962-1964)   singer
  Starr, Freddie (a. 1960s)   singer
  Starr, Ringo (b. 1940)   drummer, drums
  Sylvester, Terry (b. 1947)   rhythm guitar
  Taylor, Kingsize (a. 1960s active: 1960s)   singer
  Webb, Sonny (b. 1939 a. 1960s)   singer, rhythm guitar
  Wilkie, Derry (a. 1962-1965)   singer
  Wooler, Bob (a. 1962)   disc jockey

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