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Ashbee, Andrew
Lists of Payments to the King's Musick in the Reign of Charles II (1660-1685)
Transcribed and edited by Andrew Ashbee
Snodland, Kent: Andrew Ashbee, 1981

The above item has biographical information on:

  Abell, John (b. 1653 d. 1716 a. 1679-1700)   composer, violin in the private music for the voic
  Atkins, John (d. 1671)   violin, composer
  Atkinson, Sarah (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Ayleworth, Jeffery (a. 1675-1679)   wind instrument
  Aylworth, Samuel (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Aynsworth, John (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Baltzar, Thomas (b. 1630 d. 1663)   violin, composer
  Banister, Jeoffery (a. 1663)   violin
  Banister, John (d. 1725)   composer, violin
  Banister, John (b. 1625 d. 1679)   composer, violin
  Bannister, James (a. 1676)   violin
  Bassano, Henry (b. 1597 d. 1665)   wind instrument, flute
  Bates, Abigail (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Bates, Thomas (d. 1679 a. 1650-1680)   viol, teacher
  Beckett, Phillip (a. 1660)   violin, flute
  Beeland, Ambrose (a. 1624-1672)   composer, violin
  Bell, Christopher (a. 1625-1640 active: 1660)   musician
  Bembow, Thomas (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Berdwell, John (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Blagrave, Robert (a. 1660)   wind instrument
  Blagrave, Thomas (b. -1620 d. 1688 a. 1669)   composer
  Blow, John (b. 1649 d. 1708)   child of the Chapel, composer
  Blundevill, John (a. 1640)  
  Bowman, John (b. 1660 d. 1739)   bass, in the private music
  Bridges, Paul (Francis) (a. 1660)   viol
  Brockwell, Henry (a. 1660)   violin
  Browne, Richard (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Burbury, Solomon (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Burgess, William (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Butler, Edward (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Carr, John (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Carr, Robert (a. 1663-1694)  
  Cherrington, Richard   organ
  Child, William (b. 1606 d. 1697)   composer, organ
  Clayton, William (a. 1661)   violin
  Clement, John (a. 1660)   lute
  Coleman, Charles (b. 1605 d. 1664)   arranger, cast
  Coleman, Edward (d. 1669)   counter tenor, composer
  Coleman, Grace (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Collins, Timothy (a. 1660-1685)   musician viol in the consort, musician
  Comer, Henry (a. 1663-1668)   violin
  Coningsby, Gilbert (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Cooke, Henry (b. 1615 d. 1672)   singer, choir trainer
  Cooke, Mary (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Crouch, John (a. 1687-1704)   music seller, publisher
  Cruys, Francis (a. 1673)   violin
  Cutler, James (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Dollow, Edward (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Dorney, Margaret (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Dorney, Richard (a. circa)   musician, violin
  Dove, Henry (a. 1674)   violin
  Dyer, Edward (a. 1677)   composer, dance master
  Dyer, Mary (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Eagles, Solomon (b. 1618 d. 1683 a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Edwards, Thomas (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Evans, Charles (a. 1660-1663)   instrumentalist
  Evans, Charles (a. 1660)   harp
  Evans, Lewis (a. 1660-1663)   musician
  Farmer, Thomas (d. 1688 died: 1688)   composer, violin
  Farr, James (d. 1681 a. 1660)   organ builder
  Fashion, Joseph (a. 1670)   violin
  Finell, Thomas (d. 1709)   organ
  Fitz, Theophilus (a. 1660-1665)   violin
  Fitz, Thomas (a. 1667)   violin
  Flexney, George (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Flower, Edmund [Edward] (a. 1694-1710)   instrumentalist, violin
  Fowke, Gerard (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  French, Nathaniel (a. 1682)   lute, singer
  Gamble, John (d. 1657 died: 1687)   composer, cornet
  Gerrard, Francis (a. 1678)   wind instrument
  Gibbons, Christopher (b. 1615 d. 1676)   organ, composer
  Goodgroome, John (b. 1630 d. 1704)   counter tenor, gentleman of the Chapel Royal
  Goodwin, John (a. 1682)   violin
  Gostling, John (b. 1650 d. 1733)   cathedral singer, Clerk
  Grabu, Louis (a. 1665-1694)   composer, Master of the musick
  Greeting, Edward (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Greeting, Joyce (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Greeting, Thomas (d. 1682 a. 1662)   teacher of the flageolot, musician
  Gregory (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Gregory, Henry (a. 1663)   musician at the coronation of James II
  Gregory, William (a. 1651-1687)   composer, singer
  Gregory, William (b. 1605 d. 1663)   flute, wind instrument
  Hall, William (d. 1700)   violin, composer
  Harding, John (d. 1684 a. 1660)   violin
  Harris, Morgan (a. 1694)  
  Hart, James (b. 1647 d. 1718)   bass, gentleman of the Chapel Royal
  Hart, Richard (d. 1690 a. 1671)   gentleman of the Royal Chapel
  Hawes, Henry (a. 1662)   violin, gentleman of the Royal Chapel
  Haynes, Thomas (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Heale, Henry (a. 1682 active: 1710)   musician
  Heywood, Thomas (a. 1676)   lute
  Hildred, Phillip (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Hingeston, John (b. CAD2> d. 1688)   composer, organ
  Holder, William (b. 1616 d. 1696)   divine, mathematician
  Hooton, Edward (a. 1669-1704)   singer
  Hopper, Symon (a. 1663)   violin
  Howes, Ann (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Howes, William (d. 1676 a. 1642)   singer
  Hudson, Elizabeth (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Hudson, George (d. 1672)   musician
  Hudson, Richard (or George?) (a. 1657-1666)  
  Humfrey, Katherine (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Humfrey, Pelham (b. 1647 d. 1674)   lute, composer
  Isaac, Peter (a. 1673-1688 active: 1687-1692)   organ
  Jenkins, John (b. 1592 d. 1678)   alto saxophone, cast
  Jones, Walter (d. 1672)  
  King, Robert (b. 1650 d. 1711)   composer in ordinary, guitar
  Lanier, Andrea (d. 1662 died: 1660)   wind instrument
  Lanier, Clement (d. 1661 died: 1661)   recorder, wind instrument
  Lanier, Elizabeth (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Lanier, Hannah (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Lanier, Joyce (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Lanier, Nicholas (b. 1588 d. 1668)   composer, flute
  Lanier, Thomas (b. 1633 d. 1686)   musician in royal band
  Lanier, William (b. 1618 d. 1660)   musician
  Laurence, John (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Lawes, Eleanor (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Lawes, Henry (b. 1596 d. 1662)   composer, gentleman of the Chapel
  Le Grange, Claude (a. 1668)   bass
  Lenton, John (b. CAD2> d. 1718)   violin, singer
  Lilly, Frances (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Lilly, John (d. 1678 a. 1662)   theorbo, division viol player
  Locke, Mary (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Locke, Matthew (b. -1622 d. 1677)   composer
  Loup, Thomas (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Madge, Elizabeth (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Madge, Humphrey (d. 1679 a. 1663-1668)   violin, wind music
  Marieno, Francis (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Marsh, Alfonso (b. 1627 d. 1681)   composer, lute
  Mason, John (d. 1673)   wind instrument
  Mayley, Alphonso (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Mayley, Thomasw (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Mell, Abigail (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Mell, Davis (b. 1604 d. 1662)   violin, composer
  Mell, Elizabeth (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Mell, Elizabeth (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Mell, Thomas (a. 1660-1662)   wind instrument
  Mosse, John (a. 1678)   lute
  Myer, John (a. 1668)   violin
  Notari, Angelo (b. 1566 d. 1663 a. 1633)   lute, singer
  Paisible, James (d. 1721)   composer, recorder
  Palmer, John (a. 1684-1685)   organ
  Pamplin, Richard (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Parkes, William (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Peare, Lewis (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Pennell, Elizabeth (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Pidgeon, Daniel (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Pigott, Francis (b. 1665 d. 1704)   organ, composer
  Playford, John (b. 1623 d. 1687)   music publisher, book seller
  Prettyman, William (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Price, Thomas (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Purcell, Elizabeth (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Purcell, Henry (b. 1659 d. 1695)   composer, organ
  Purcell, Henry (b. 1659)   composer for the violin, musicisti
  Purcell, Katherine (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Purcell, Matthew (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Purcell, Thomas (d. 1682)   tenor, composer
  Redding, Balthazar (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Riche, Francis (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Robert, Anne (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Robert, Anthony (d. 1679)   lute, singer
  Robinson, Richard (a. 1678)   wind instrument
  Rogers, John (b. -1610 d. 1676)   lute
  Sanderson, Nicholas (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Saunders, William (a. 1661)   bass viol, trumpeter
  Shaw, William (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Singleton, John (a. 1660)   lute, musician
  Sizar, Roger (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Slisted, Edward (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Smith, Bernard (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Smith, Francis (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Smith, Henry (a. 1666)   gentleman of the Royal Chapel
  Smith, John (a. 1652)   composer
  Smith, Rebecca (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Smith, Robert (b. 1648 d. 1675)   composer
  Staggins, Charles (a. 1660-1685)   musician, tenor hoboy
  Staggins, Isaac (d. 1684 a. 1661)   violin
  Staggins, Nicholas (d. 1705 died: 1700 a. 1695)   musician
  Steffkin, Sarah (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Steffkins, Dietrich (a. 1641)   musician
  Stefkins, Frederick (a. 1694)   viola
  Stevens, Giles (a. 1676)   violin
  Stewkly, George (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Strong, Edward (d. 1663)   musician
  Strong, John (a. 1660)   wind instrument
  Strong, Mary (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Strong, Robert (a. 1662-1669)   wind instrument, wind instruments
  Strong, Stephen (a. 1661)   Posaune, flute
  Tanner, Edmund (a. 1668)   violin
  Tanner, Jane (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Thacham, John (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Thatcher, John (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Thomlinson, Richard (a. 1675)   violin
  Thorndale, Gregory (d. 1671 died: 1670 a. 1663)   gentleman of the Royal Chapel
  Tinker, William (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Tomkins, Giles (b. 1587 d. 1668)   organ, composer
  Towers, William (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Tudway, Thomas (b. 1650 d. 1726)   composer, page of the Chapel
  Turner, William (b. 1651 d. 1740)   child and page of the Chapel Royal, composer
  Twisse, John (a. 1671)   violin
  Watkins, Nathaniel (d. 1702 a. 1660)   gentleman of the Royal Chapel
  Webb, Francis (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Whitfield, Thomas (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Wilson, Anne (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Wilson, John (b. 1595 d. 1674)   composer, lute
  Wise, Michael (b. 1647 d. 1687)   composer, musician
  Yockney, Anne (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Yockney, Elizabeth (a. 1660-1685)   musician
  Yockney, John (d. 1662)   violin
  Yockney, Walter (a. 1660)   violin
  Yockney, William (d. 1668)   violin
  Young, John (b. 1660 d. 1732)   cast, double bass
  Young, William (b. 1671 d. 1662)   composer, viol

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