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Fellowes, Edmund H.
Organists and masters of the choristers of St. George's chapel in Windsor Castle
London: Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, 1939, 104 p.

The above item has biographical information on:

  Aylward, Theodore Edward (b. 1730 d. 1801)   organ, composer
  Brancote, Roger (a. 1370-1372)   organ
  Browne, William (a. 1473-1476)   organ
  Child, William (b. 1606 d. 1697)   composer, organ
  Cotyngham, Robert (a. 1469-1473)   organ
  Cumberton, Walter (a. 1393-1396)   organ
  Davies, Walford [Henry Walford] (b. 1869 d. 1941)   organ, composer
  Dreweryn, Laurence (a. 1415-1418)   organ
  Dyer, John (a. 1366-1368)   organ
  Elvey, George (Job) (b. 1816 d. 1893)   organ, composer
  Farrant, Richard (b. -1530 d. 1580)   cathedral musician, composer
  Fellowes, Edmund Horace (b. 1870 d. 1951)   editor, scholar
  Gerneys, Roger (a. 1396)   organ
  Giles, Nathaniel (b. 1558 d. 1634)   gentleman of the Chapel, organ
  Golder, Robert (b. 1510 d. 1563)   organ, composer ?
  Goldwin, John (b. 1667 d. 1719)   organ, composer
  Hall, Adam (a. 1362)   organ
  Harris, William Henry (b. 1883 d. 1973)   organ, choir master
  Horn, Karl Friedrich (b. 1762 d. 1830)   organ, teacher
  Horne, Thomas (a. 1368-1371)   organ
  Kelly, John (a. 1407-1408)   organ
  Mahon, Nicolas (a. 1377)   organ
  Marreys, John (a. 1371)   organ
  Merbecke, John (b. >1510 d. 1585)   composer, writer
  Mundy, John (b. 1555 d. 1630)   composer, organ
  Parratt, Walter George (b. 1841 d. 1924)   organ, teacher
  Pigott, John (b. 1690 d. 1762)   organ
  Pounger, Thomas (a. 1407-1408)   organ
  Pounger, William (a. 1407-1408)   organ
  Rolfe, Thomas (a. 1478-1484)   organ
  Rolfe, Thomas (a. 1461-1469)   organ
  Sexton, William (b. 1764 d. 1824)   composer, organ
  Skeats, Highmore (b. 1785 d. 1835)   organ, composer
  Stewart, Charles Hylton (b. 1884 d. 1932)   organ, composer
  Thaxton, George   organ
  Webb, Edward (b. 1725 d. 1788)   organ
  Wederby, John (a. 1441-1442)   organ
  Wenham, Robert (a. 1530)   organ
  Whitby, Walter (a. 1406-1407)   organ
  Wood, Richard (a. 1496-1499)   organ
  Wyborne, Thomas (a. 1376)   organ

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