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p. 343-353 In:
Grattan Flood, W.H.
A history of Irish music
Fourth edition
By Wm. H. Grattan Flood Mus.D. National university of Ireland, K.S.G.; Author of "early tudor composers," etc, etc.
Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Waterford: Browne and Nolan, 1927

The above item has biographical information on:

  Adamnan , St.  
  Adams   gets an organ for Limerick Cathedral
  Aengus, Brother  
  Aidan, St.  
  Ailill the Harper  
  Aldheim, St.   taught by Irish monks
  Alexander the Piper  
  Arne   in Dublin, first productions
  Arne, Michael (b. 1740 d. 1786)   composer
  Art na Caoine   bard
  Ashe, Andrew   flautist
  Balfe, Michael William (b. 1808 a. 19th century )   composer, singer
  Barker, George A.  
  Barry, Gerald  
  Barry, W. Vipond  
  Barry, William   harper
  Bateson, Thomas  
  Bathe, Father William  
  Bennett, Thomas (b. 1779 d. 1848)   choreographer, Musikverleger
  Beranger   collected Irish airs
  Berry, Henry F.  
  Bewerunge, H.  
  Bicknor   founds a University
  Bigger, F.J.  
  Birkenshaw, John  
  Brenagh, Walter   harper
  Bridge, Frederick  
  Broadway, Richard (d. 1760)   organ, composer
  Browne, William   organ
  Bumpus, J.S.  
  Bunting, Edward  
  Bunworth, Charles  
  Burns, Robert   employment of Irish airs by
  Byrde, William  
  Byrne, Gerald   interprete
  Byrne, Patrick   harper
  Cambrensis, Giraldus  
  Campion, B. Edmund  
  Carey, Henry (b. 1689 d. 1743)   composer, dramatist
  Carteront, Thomas   violin
  Castrucci, Pietro   ends his days in Dublin
  Chappell, William  
  Church, John   conductor
  Cibber   sings at first production of the Messiah
  Cithruadh   bard
  Clagget, Charles (b. 1740 d. 1795 a. 1780-1795)   violin, inventor
  Clancy, Cosney mac   piper
  Clancy, Maire ni   rhymer
  Clegg, John   violin
  Clement V   issues a Bull for founding an University in Irelan
  Clinch, Patrick   organ
  Clive, Kitty (b. 1711 d. 1785 a. 1750)   soprano, actress
  Clyn, Friar  
  Coffey, Charles  
  Cogan   organ, piano
  Colgan, Father   Irish hagiologist
  Colgan, James   bass singer
  Colgu, St.   teacher of Alcurn
  Colman mac Lenain, St.  
  Columbanus, St.  
  Columeille , St.  
  Comyn, Cormac  
  Comyn, David  
  Concannon, Matthew  
  Coneely, Paddy   piper
  Cong, Vicar of  
  Cooke, Bartlett   oboe
  Cooke, Tom  
  Cork, Earl of   sends an Irish Harp
  Cormac an Eigeas  
  Cormac mac Cullenain  
  Cormac the Piper  
  Corn, Cornaire  
  Cousser, Johann Sigismund   choir master in Dublin
  Crook, John   composer, early Dublin printer
  Cruise   harper
  Crump, John   piper
  Cuisle, Cuislennach  
  Culwick, J.C. (b. 1845 d. 1907 a. 1868)  
  Cumberland, Earl of (b. 1589)  
  Cummings, W.H.  
  Curran, Sarah   square pianoforte belonging to
  Cuvellie, Master   organ builder
  Dallan, Forgail  
  Darcy, John   organ
  Dardis, Nicholas  
  Davey, Henry  
  Davies, John  
  Davis   child pianist
  Davis, Thomas  
  Dease, Bishop   timpani
  Dermot mac Fergus  
  Desmond, Earl of  
  Devereux, Earl of Essex  
  Dicuil the Geographer  
  Dillon, Lucas  
  Dineley, Thomas   the tourist
  Dinneen, P.  
  Dix, E.R.M'C.  
  Doggett, Thomas  
  Donnchadh ruadh  
  Donnelly   Bishop of Canea, Dean of Dublin
  Donogh   harper of Queen Elizabeth
  Dowland, John (b. 1563 d. ?)   composer, lutenist
  Doyle, Langrishe   organ
  Drury, William   hangs a priest and a brehon
  Dubhthach   arch-poet
  Dubourg, Matthew  
  Dufay   a Walloon Celt
  Duffet, Thomas  
  Duffy, C. Gavan   on Anglo-Irish poetry
  Duigellan, Jerome   harper
  Duncan, James   harper, percussion
  Dungal   a famous Irish mon
  Dungan, James  
  Durer, Albrecht  
  Edgecombe, Richard  
  Egan, Charles   harp teacher
  Egan, John   composer, harp maker
  Egan, Owen Nicholas   organ maker
  Egerton, John   writes for an Irish harp
  El Eccataeus the Geographer  
  Erigena, John Scotus  
  Exeter, John   Anglo-Irish composer
  Fennell, Thomas   organ
  Ferdomnach   harper
  Ferguson, Samuel  
  Fermor, John   organ
  Ferriter, Pierce   gentleman harper
  Field, John (b. 1782 d. 1837)   composer, compositore
  Finglass, Patrick  
  Fitz Eustace, Roland  
  Fitzgerald, Edmund   gentleman harper
  Fitzgerald, Gerald  
  Fitzgerald, John   songwriter
  Fitzjames, Piers  
  Fitzjohn, Fineen   piper
  Fitzpatrick, Brian   piper
  Fitzwilliams, William  
  Fleischer, Oscar  
  Foley, Allan James  
  Fornsete, John  
  Forstall, Richard   harper
  Fox, Patrick   cast, composer
  Fraser, Hugh   harp teacher
  Fuller, William (b. 1661)   composes an Anthem
  Fuller Maitland, J.A. [John Alexander] (b. 1856 d. 1936)   critic, editor
  Galilei, Vicenzo (b. 1520s d. 1591)   compositore, musicisti
  Gall, St.  
  Galpin, F.W.  
  Gansey, James   piper
  Gardiner, Charles  
  Garland, John   music theorist
  Gaskin, J.J.  
  Geary, Timothy (b. 1783 d. 1806)   vocal composer
  Gertrude, St.  
  Gilmore, Patrick S.   author/composer, bandmaster
  Giordani, Tommaso (b. 1733 d. 1806)   compositore, composer
  Giraldus Cambrensis  
  Glover, J.W.  
  Godfrey, Thomas   organ
  Good, Father William (a. 1566)  
  Graves, Alfred Perceval (b. 1846 d. 1931)   author, man of letters
  Gregory, Pope St.  
  Griffith ap Conan  
  Grogan, Laurence  
  Guido d'Arezzo (b. -0992 d. 1033)   theorist
  Hampson, Denis   harper
  Hardiman, James  
  Harrington, John  
  Hawkshaw, John   organ
  Hayward, Robert   organ, pianoforte
  Heffernan the Harper  
  Helias, St.   introduces the Roman chant to Cologne
  Henry de Londres  
  Herbit, William   organ
  Higden, Ralph   praises Irish music
  Higgins, Hugh (b. 1737 d. 1810 a. 1792)   harper
  Hipkins, A.J.  
  Hogan, John (b. 1537)  
  Hogan, Michael   the "bard of Thomond"
  Holden, Smollet (d. 1813 a. 1800-1818)   composer, music publisher
  Holmes, Augusta (Mary Anne) (b. 1847 d. 1903)   composer, compositeur de musique
  Hucbald (a. 19th century )   music theorist, theoricien
  Hugh buidhe   piper
  Hunsdon (b. 1596)  
  Hyde, Douglas  
  Hyland, Edmund Keating (b. 1780 d. 1845)   piper, composer
  Irwin, James  
  Isidore, St.   describes the Psaltery
  Jackson   piper, composer
  Jerome, St.  
  Jewitt, Randal   organ
  John intlea   piper
  John the Harper of Ardee  
  Joyce, Patrick Weston (b. 1827 d. 1913 a. 1873)   writer
  Kavanagh, Eileen   heroine of Eibhlin a ruin
  Keane, Laurence   harper
  Kearns, W.H.  
  Keating, Geoffrey  
  Keenan, Owen   harper
  Keenan, Thady (a. 17th century )   harper
  Kelly, Michael (b. 1762 d. 1826)   cantante, tenor
  Kohl (a. 1836/37)   German tourist
  Lacy, M.R.   violin, author
  Lampe, Johann Friedrich (b. 1744 d. 1800)   composer, singer
  Larminie, William  
  Lassus, Orlande (b. 1532 d. ?)   composer, compositore
  Lawless, John   organ builder
  Lee   family of Musicians and publishers
  Lee, Sidney   Shakesperean writer
  Levey, R.M.   conductor of Theatre Royal
  Linden, Patrick   bard of the Fews
  Lindsay, Thomas   dean of St. Patrick's cathedral
  Lover, Samuel (b. 1797 d. 1868)   poet-musician, writer
  Lyons, Cornelius (b. 1670 d. 1740)   harper
  Mac Cerbhaill   timpani
  MacCarthy mor   builds Carraig an chuil
  MacClancy, Cosney   piper
  MacConmara , Donogh  
  MacConmidhe   Ulster bard
  MacCreedan   harpers
  MacCuarta, Courtney  
  MacCurtin   Ollavs of Music
  MacDonnell   famous piper, Irish poet
  MacEgan, John   harper
  MacFannin, Conly   piper
  MacFeoris , John  
  MacGeough, Shane ballagh   harper
  MacGillamurry, Nicholas   culdee of Armagh
  MacGillecosgelie , Cormac  
  MacGlades   harpers
  MacGrath, Flann   rhymer
  Macjames, Richard buidhe   piper
  MacKeenan, Owen   harper
  MacKenzie, Alexander   on Irish Music
  MacKeogh, Tuathal   rhymer
  Mackim, Charles   piper
  MacLorain, Flann   bard
  MacMahon, Brian FitzPhilip   harper
  MacNamara, Donald   harper
  MacNamee, Fardoragh   rhymer
  MacRussell, Russell   harper
  MacSenagh, Andrew   "Master of Melody"
  MacShane, Mulconry   harper
  Madden, Henry   chapel master, trumpet
  Mahon, John (b. 1749 d. 1834)   composer, orchestra player
  Mainwaring, William and Bartholomew  
  Major, John   praises Irish harpers
  Malachy, St.   reforms Church Music
  Marsh   musician
  Martin the Irish Harper  
  Moengal , Music  
  Moffat, Alfred  
  Mongan, Dominick   harper
  Mooney, Rose   harper
  Moore, Thomas   author of Irish Melodies
  Moorhead, John   violin
  Morgan the Piper  
  Mornington, Earl of  
  Mountain, Henry   conductor
  Murphy, John   harper
  Murphy, Samuel (b. 1725 d. 1781)   organ
  Neale, J. and W.   music publisher
  Neale, Surgeon   celebrated amateur violinist
  Nicolini, Nicolo Grimaldi   in Dublin
  Nigra, Constantine  
  Notker, St.  
  Nugent, Father Robert   improves the harp
  Nutt, Alfred   on Celtic fairy tales
  O'Barden, Gilbert   harper
  O'Boylan, Diarmuid   chief music master in Ireland
  O'Brien, Donnchadh Cairbre  
  O'Brolchain , Flaherty   abbot of Derry
  O'Byrne, Feach mac Aodh  
  O'Cahan, Echlin (b. 1720)   harper
  O'Cahan, Rory dahl  
  O'Cahill, Daniel mac Cormac   harper
  O'Carolan, Turlogh  
  O'Carroll, Donogh   patronises music
  O'Coffey, Tadhg   harper
  O'Connellan   harper
  O'Conor, Charles  
  O'Cullinanes   piper
  O'Curreen, Sigraidh  
  O'Curry, Eugene  
  O'Daly   bard
  O'Delanys   piper
  O'Dermody, Tadhg   harp maker
  O'Donnell, Hugh Roe   song in praise of
  O'Donoghue, Geoffrey   songs of
  O'Donovan, John  
  O'Doran, John   piper
  O'Dugan, Dermot   harper to the Earl of Desmond
  O'Dwyer, John of the Glens  
  O'Farrells   harper
  O'Gibney, Edmund   harper
  O'Gilligan   harper
  O'Grive   chief bard of O'Neill
  O'Heffernan   harper
  O'Kelly   harp maker
  O'Kelly, Cathal   piper
  O'Killeens   piper
  O'Leary, Arthur   ex-Prof. R.A.M
  O'Molloy , Suidhne  
  O'Moloney, John   harper
  O'Mulconrys   the rhymers
  O'Mulrenin , Donnchadh  
  O'Neachtan, John   poet
  O'Neill, Arthur   harper, string bass
  O'Neill, Hugh  
  O'Neill, Owen Roe   lament for
  O'Nolan, James   harper
  O'Rahilly, Egan   poet
  O'Reilly, Myles   lament for
  O'Rourke, William Michael   composer
  O'Sochlann, Donlevey   vicar of Cong
  O'Toole, St. Laurence   introduces Arroasian Canons
  Osborne, George Alexander (b. 1806 d. 1893)   composer, piano
  Ouseley, Frederick Arthur Gore (b. 1825 d. 1889)   church musician, scholar
  Parry, Hubert  
  Patrick, St.   holds a Synod
  Pease   builds an organ for St. Audeon's Church
  Perrot, John  
  Petty, William  
  Pierce, Nicholas   harper
  Playford, John  
  Pockrich, Richard   inventor of the Musical Glasses
  Power, Lionel   composer, theorist
  Purcell, Henry (b. 1659)   composer for the violin, musicisti
  Quin, Patrick  
  Ramsay, Allan (b. 1686 d. 1758)   poet, book seller
  Reeves   on the Culdees
  Richardson   as a bagpiper
  Roseingrave, Ralph (b. 1695 d. 1747)   composer, piano
  Sandys, Michael   organ
  Scott   harper
  Sedulius   author of Carmen Paschale
  Smith, John   professor of music, T.C.D. ~
  Southwell, William   inventor of the cabinet piano
  Sparling, H. Halliday  
  Spenser, Edmund   on Irish music
  Stanford, Charles Villiers (b. 1852)   composer, conductor
  Stevenson, John  
  Stewart, Robert  
  Swift, Dean  
  Synge, Edward (b. 1829 d. 1895)   composer
  Talbot, William   piper
  Tenison   cares for O'Carolan's grave
  Thornton, Robert (a. 1682-1701 active: 1686)   book seller, music printer
  Tighernach   annalist
  Tregury   bequeaths an organ
  Trotter, John Bernard   founder of Dublin Harp Society
  Trydell, John (b. 1715)   divine, theoretical writer
  Turlough Piper   piper
  Ua Coinnecen   timpani
  Ua Dalaigh, Cerbhall   composer of "Eibhlin a ruin"
  Venantius Fortunatus, St.  
  Vergil, Polydore   praises Irish harpers
  Vitalian, Pope   introduces organ
  Wallace, William Vincent  
  Walsh, John  
  Walsh, Thomas  
  Wesley, Charles   publishes a hymn book in Dublin
  William the piper   piper
  Winchester, David   founds a music school in St Patrick's Catherdrale
  Young   Bishop of Clonfert

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