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Catalogue of Newberry Library Mexican Choirbooks
(Case MS VM 2147 C36)
Inter-American Music Review, 09-1, 1987, p. 65-74

The above item has biographical information on:

  Aguilera de Heredia, Sebastian (b. 1565 d. 1627 a. 1618)   composer, organista
  Franco, Hernando (b. 1532 d. 1585 a. 1580)   composer
  Guerrero, Francisco (b. 1528 d. 1599)   compositor, musicisti
  Jacinto   composer
  Lienas, Juan (a. 1620-1650)   composer
  Lorroi, Jean (a. 1649)   composer
  Maillard, Jean (a. 1538-1570)   composer
  Mendes, Luis   composer
  Morales, Cristobal (b. 1500 d. 1553)   compositor, maestro
  Rodriguez de Mata, Antonio   composer
  Romero, Mateo (b. 1575 d. 1647)   composer, compositore
  Torre, Francisco (a. 1483-1504)   composer
  Victoria, Tomas Luis (b. 1548 d. 1611)   composer, compositore
  Ximeno, Fabian [Perez] (a. 1623-1654~)   organ, composer
  Zumaya, Manuel (b. 1678 d. 1756 a. 1711)   composer, maestro de la capilla de musica

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