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Iberian Musical Outreach Before Encounter with the New World : Composers
Inter-American Music Review, 08-2, 1987, p. 38-86

The above item has biographical information on:

  Cornago, Johannes (a. 1455-1485)   composer
  Encina, Juan (b. 1468 d. 1530)   poet, dramatist
  Escribano, Juan (b. 1478 d. 1557)   singer, composer
  Ferdinand de Cordoba (b. 1421 d. 1486 a. 1445)   composer
  Hillanis, Johannes (b. 1460 d. 1518)   singer, composer
  Oriola, Pietro (a. 1440-1480)   composer
  Rodrigo de la Guitarra (a. 1425)   guitar
  Ycart, Bernhard [Bernar] (a. 1470-1480)   compositore, professore di musica

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