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Talking Machine News, 1993, p. 2433-2434

The above item has biographical information on:

  Anderson, Marian (b. 1897 d. 1993)   accordion, chanteur
  Benson, Ivy (b. 1913 d. 1993)   alto sax, dance and stage orchestra leader
  Cahn, Sammy (b. 1913 d. 1993)   cast, composer
  Constantine, Eddie (b. 1917 d. 1993)   actor, singer
  Crosby, Bob [George Robert] (b. 1913 d. 1993)   composer, leader
  Eckstine, Billy (b. 1914 d. 1993)   singer, vocals
  Rockola, David C. (b. 1897 d. 1993)   inventor, juke box maker

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