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The Music Sack has 6 items with information about Welitsch:


Oper 1978
Ein Jahrbuch der Zeitschrift "Opernwelt"
Velber: Erhard Friedrich Verlag, 1978.

Number of People : 16


Jefferson, Alan
The Glory of opera
New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1976.192 p.
       Note: Part VII "Great Singers of the Twentieth Century"

Number of People : 29


Burgin, John Carroll
Teaching Singing.
Metuchen [NJ]: The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1973. vi, 7-290 p.
       Note: Writings on vocal pedagogy induding articles by well-known singers.

Number of People : 57

Descriptive note


Natan, Alex
Primadonna : Lob der Stimmen
Basil: Basilius Presse, 1962.142 p.
       discography of releases as of April 1961.
       96 illus.
       Note: Critical evaluations of fifty of the premiere female vocalists of this century.

Number of People : 50


Rosenthal, Harold David
Sopranos of Today : Studies of Twenty-five Opera Singers
London: John Calder, 1956.103 p.
       64 illus.
       Note: Artists admired by the editor of Opera, portions are from previously published material.

Number of People : 25


Barker, Frank Granville
Stars of the Opera
London: Lotus Press, 1949.51 p.
       9 illus.

Number of People : 9

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