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The Music Sack has 5 items with information about Niemann:


Hartford, Robert (compiler, editor)
Bayreuth, the Early Years
An Account of the Early Decades of the Wagner Festival as seen by the Celebrated Visitors and Participants
London: Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1980.284, [3] p. bib

Number of People : 5


Finck, Henry Theophilus
My Adventures in the Golden Age of Music
New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1926.
1971. xvi, 462 p.
       31 illus.
       Note: Autobiography of the New York Evening Post critic. Very brief evaluations of twenty-five singers

Number of People : 25


Kloss, Erich (editor)
Richard Wagner an seine Kunstler. Zweiter Band der "Bayreuther Briefe" (1872-1883)
Leipzig: Schuster & Loeffler, 1908. 414 p.

Number of People : 4


Arleaga y Pereira, Fernando
Celebridades musicales
Barcelona: Editorial Aristico de I.T.M. Gegul, 1886. 676 p.

Number of People : 57


Flamant, Alexander
Das Reich der Tone : Bildnisse und Schilderungen berumter Kunstler und Kunsterlinnen.
Dresden: Wilhelm Streit Verlagshandlung, 1881 [1st edition 1880]. unpaginated.

Number of People : 33

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